The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim All Game Cheats



Audio Template Bristleback x03abcf [DB]

Audio Template Mammoth (Audio Template Mammoth) 1c060/x0397e9 [The second code is DB]

Audio Template Goat 5e3d2

Audio Template Horker (Audio Template Horker) 4737e

Audio Template Wisp (Audio Template Wisp) d3ada

Audio Template Wolf (Audio Template Wolf) a85c7

Barbas 52535 (RefID) 1bfc5 (BaseID) [A Daedra’s Best Friend (A Daedra’s Best Friend)]

(Bear) 23a8a

Biter x013819 (BaseID) [HF, pet snow squirrel]

Blue Butterfly 22219 【Still】

Bran x01aa7b (RefID) x01aa74 (BaseID) [DG, Fort Dawnguard]

Cave Bear 23a8b

(Chicken) a91a0/fa6d9 【Chicken Nest (Chicken Nest) 1062d1】

Clam (Clam) 85f80/85f82/85f83

Cotton x013817 (BaseID) [HF, pet rabbit]

Cow (Cow) 23a90

Death Hound (Follower) x01aa78/x01aa77 [DG, don’t attack]

Death Hound (Generic) x00c5ef [DG, can attack]

(Deer (Female)) cf89d

(Deer (Male)) abee0

(Dog (Follower)) d95e9/109487/9a7aa [will follow]

(Dog(Generic)) 23a92 【Do not follow】

Mok (Female) (Elk (Female)) abedf

Mok (Male) (Elk (Male)) 23a91

Apostle (Familiar) 640b5

Fox (Fox) 829b3

Giant Mudcrab (Giant Mudcrab) 21875

Gleda the Goat (Gleda the Goat) 7a0ea (RefID) 1cb2c (BaseID) 【A Night To Remember】

Goat (Domestic) (Goat (Domestic)) 4359c [Do not run away]

Goat (Wild) (Goat (Wild)) 2ebe2 [will run away]

Mammoth Guardian (Guardian Mammoth) e7eaf

Hawk (Hawk) 105824

Three-tusked walrus (Horker) 23ab1

Husky x018b34 【DG】

(Ice Wolf) 23abf

Tool box (Kit) x01381a (BaseID) [HF, pet fox]

Large Mudcrab e4011

Lord Tusk (Lord Tusk) x0264b4 (RefID) x026196 (BaseID) [DB, Horker Island (Horker Island)]

Luna Moth 2221e 【Still】
Mammoth 9834c (RefID) 23ab4//b6234/dd641/101580/101581/10fc15 (BaseID) [The first three BaseIDs will actively attack, the last three BaseIDs will not actively attack]

Medium Mudcrab (Medium Mudcrab) e4010

(Meeko) d95ea(RefID) d95e9(BaseID) 【Meeko’s Shack】

Old Salty x01d77b (RefID) x01d77a (BaseID) [DB, Northshore Landing (Northshore Landing)]

Pearl Oyster x03828c/x03828d 【DB】

Pincer x013818 (BaseID) [HF, pet mud crab]

Pit Wolf ddcd0

Pumpkin b1190 (RefID) b11a7 (BaseID) 【Pet Fox】

(Rabbit) 6dc9d

Sabre Cat 23ab5

Sceolang (Sceolang) x01aa7c (RefID) x01aa76 (BaseID) [DG, Dawn Guard Fortress]

Female Jellyfish (Silt Strider) x01b649 【DB】

Skeever 23ab7

Slaughterfish 23ab8

(Snow Bear) 23a8c

Snowy Sabre Cat 23ab6

(Snow Fox) 829b6

Spirit Cow (Soul Cow) x01602c [DG, Soul Cairn]

Spectral Warhound (Spectral Warhound) f9060 [The Staff of Magnus]

Stray Dog 109487 [Random encounter]

Stump 1e62b (RefID) 1e62a (BaseID) 【Riverwood】

Tiber 23ef2 (RefID) 23ef1 (BaseID) 【Hollyfrost Farm】

Torom 661a4 (RefID) 2f442 (BaseID) [Left Hand Mine]

Vale Deer x002c02 【DG】

Vale Sabre Cat x01133a 【DG】

Venomfang Skeever (Venomfang Skeever) 490f2

Vigilance (Vigilance) 9a7ab (RefID) 9a7aa (BaseID) [Markarth Stables, available for purchase]

Vix x01381b [HF, pet snow fox]

White Stag (White Stag) 90ce1 (RefID) 104f46 (BaseID) [Mission Ill Met By Moonlight]

Wolf (Wolf) 23abe

(Ysgramor) 23eee (RefID) 23eed (BaseID) 【Hollyfrost Farm (Hollyfrost Farm)】

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