The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim All Game Cheats



Steps 5f5b9

Fortress step c2cd0 [Edge of fortress step c2cd2]

Double stone arch steps 1b1b4/1b1b5


Wall (Wall Sol) 5b381 [Brick surface]

Wall (Wall Sol 02) 5d92f

Wall (Wall Sol 03) 5da23

Wall (Win Sol 01) 5b382 [With window]


Ceiling (Arch Cap 01) 6e95c [Arch corner center filler]

Ceiling (Arch Con 01) 5b380 [Ordinary arch]

Ceiling (Arch Con 02) 6e95b [Arch corner edge filling]

Ceiling (Arch Con 03) 6e95d [Arch angle]

Ceiling (Tra Con 02) 5d7b4 [Ordinary arched packing]


Floor (Flo Sol 01) 57a1a [Ordinary stone + ceiling]

Floor (Flo Sol 02) 5b3c7 [Normal/Dark Stone]

Floor (Flo Sol 03) 5d794 [Mosaic + Ceiling]

Floor (Flo Sol 04) 612f3 [Ordinary stone]

Floor (Flo Sol 05) 6c905 [Mosaic]

stone ground 1b1b0/1b1b1/1b1b2/1b1b3/1b1b6


Dun Twilight Sepulcher Door (Dun Twilight Sepulcher Door) 10fcd9

False Back Panel c0306

Door (HH Door 02 Min Use) 10aa4d

Imp Wood Door Cave Load 01 10c62a

Metal Cage Door 01 No Name (Metal Cage Door 01 No Name) 10aa96 [Cannot switch]

Door (S House Door 01 Min Use) 10f10d 【Solitude】

Sliding Door cc526

Suspicious Cabinet c0305 [Windhelm (Hjerim)]

Winterhold Gate 01 (Winterhold Gate 01) 1092a9 【College of Winterhold】

Winter Fort Gate (Winterhold L Door Min Use) 10e866

Winterhold Trapdoor 01 (Winterhold Trapdoor 01) 10de06 【Midden】

Xuemanlong side door (WR Dragon Side Door 01) 108e8a

Snow Man Stable Gate Activity (WR Stable Gate 01 Anim) 10c00e

Fei 5ad57

Door 368cf 【Dugu】


Double Bed 6b3d3

Single Bed (Single Bed) 6b36b

Haystack a4e08/a4e09/a4e13/f18fc

Single noble bed fedc2/fedc3/fedc4

single wooden bed 3b436/fedc8/fedc9/fedca

Single stone bed 3b427/3b428

double wooden bed b2839/f50f9/fedbe/fedc5/fedc6/fedc7

Cover roll 3b3f3/7cc0d/c34af

Double stone bed f50ff/f5100

Topless double noble bed f50fc/fedbf/fedc0/fedc1

Single straw bed without pillow 42acb/42b67/f50fd/f50fe

Double straw bed without pillow 42ac7/f510d

camp bed e2826

Double noble bed with top c2a0e/f50fa/f50fb

Single straw bed with pillow fedba/fedbb

Double straw bed with pillow f5101/f5102/fedbc/fedbd/fedbe

Healing Shrine d4848

Marble Table 1 f5b98/f5b9a [The first code is double row, the second code is single row]

Marble Table 2 f5b9b/f5b9c [The first code is single row, the second code is double row]

Single row noble wooden table c07f2/c84d6

Single row extended aristocratic wooden table dfb39

Single row wooden table b0105/c07f4

Double row noble wooden table c07f3/c84d9

Double row extended noble wooden table c0c2c

Double row wooden table b0104/c07f5


Noble Bench Large (Noble Bench Large) c2a00 [Extension, with backrest]

Noble Bench Small (Noble Bench Small) c2a03 [Single, with backrest]

dwarf stool 1ee50

Sad Throne 1075fe

Bench 1098a2

stool c2a02/c2a03

Dugu pattern throne 7fbc2

Wind Helmet Throne 10f636 【Palace of the Kings】

Tomb Throne 267d3

Noble chair 10e42f/6b691/c674c/c674d

Golden Throne 985c2 [There is a bird statue on the back of the chair]

Hosgar Peak Stone Chair 6e7b3

Long stone bench ff508/ff516

grandstand seats 60fd5

Blue Throne 107353

Wooden stool 21374/a4abb/a4ad6/c84a4

Wooden Throne 107355

Wooden chair 105828/105829/21375/36340/3b4b5/42d2f/6e7a6/6e7a7/6e7a8/c2a01/c8db9/eaa4c [The first two and twelfth codes cannot sit down]

wooden high stool 74ec6

light green throne 107354

dark green throne 107351

stone chair 102733/2fcb9/4b780/4b781/4b782/6e7a9/effda

Shure Throne 5e511

Dwarf chair without backrest 1ee09/27f01

Stone stool without backrest 5e50f/ff50e

Snow Man Wooden Stool d4847

Padded chair b9e00/b9e01/b9e02/b9e03/b9e04/b9e05

Dwarf chair with backrest 1edf7/27ed7/27ed8/27ed9

stone bench with backrest 2fcbb

Purple Throne 107352

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