The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim All Game Cheats



place objects:

(player.) placeatme+space+BaseID (+space+number)

delete objects:



Get the object x/y/z coordinates:


Set the object x/y/z coordinates:

Setpos+space+x/y/z+space+number [number represents coordinates]

Get the object x/y/z angle:


Set the object x/y/z angle:


Rotate the object x/y/z angle:


Set object size:

Setscale+space+number [numbers represent multiples, a value exceeding 0.1~10 may cause bugs, the default is 1]


Some objects cannot be deleted after being placed…please archive before decorating…

When deleting an object, click on the object→markfordelete→save→read file…

When setting the angle of the object, click on the object→setangle+space+x/y/z+space+number→disable→enable……

With tcl, objects can be placed in the air or on the wall…

Alchemy Table bad0c/d54ff [The first code is sufficient, the second code is insufficient]

Anvil 1a2ad

Enchanting Table No Legs (Enchanting Table No Legs) d5501

Grindstone 6e9c2

Headsman’s Axe (Headsman’s Axe) be25f

Smelting Oven 9c6ce

Tanning Rack 727a1

The Eye of Magnus (The Eye of Magnus) 25225/de190

Workbench d932f

dwarf centurion frame 23635

Dwarf Spider Cave 70386/70387

Explosion e771c

Exploding spider eggs x0145c9 【DB】

Pojesia altar 23da6

Grass slope 135e2

Dibela altar f9aa1 [transparent, with prayer and water actions]

floor lamp c2755

Underground melting furnace fountain 102010 [Transparent, with drinking action]

Hanger 5ad5a

guillotine fe549

lumber pile a91bf

powder x01514d/x01514f 【DG】

Enchanting Table bad0d

Grain Mill 9c6df

Volcanic Rock x01a56a/x01a56b/x01a56c/x01a56d 【DB】

Dummy 89a85 【Not interactive】

Gold ship model 905e0 【Don’t steal】

Gold candle holder dab89/dab8a/dab8b

Wine barrel 10528d

Giant Club 461d8/461db [Not to be picked up]

Karawikus Vail Altar 1c4e8

pull rod b7db4

candle b9be0

Candle hanger 5f21d/c4bc1/c4bc2

Candle holder 368b2/368b8/368be/368c2/5d6e4/5d6e5/5d6ea/5f222/7ea40/7ea42/ce026

Carriage 103442/103445/90048 [Partly, the second code can be used]

Malakas Altar 3bc28

Weapon rack dab8d

terminal a4e66

Mammoth cheese rack bb9a7

Morag Bar altar ec970 [opaque, with prayer action]

Demon stand e7aea

wood board e6d7a

wood pile bb959

Wooden Shed 40ad2

wooden box dae80/dae82

Wooden column 5ad58/a4e63

Noktunar Altar 10e8b0

Basin 5f227

Cooking pot 1010b3/1010b4

cooking pot 108230

cooking stove 104110

cooking fork 68adb

Splitting the wood pile 10f575 [The shape is a felling pile, there is a flute action when in use, it will not stop, use with caution]

stone pestle a4e72

stone mortar a4e74

stone bridge eb78f

stone pillar e743e

waterwheel b3fc0

chain 5f229

Sky Forge bbcf1

Smith shop bf9e1/cae0b

Earth and rock pile 4620f/955b8/b0106

uncovered coffin eab22/eab24/eb094

No candle candle hanger 5d6e8

Candle holder without candle 368b6/368bc/5d6e3/5d6e7/5f221/7ea44

Extinguished candle hanger 5f21e

Extinguished candle holder 368b4/368ba/368c0/368c4/5d6e6/5d6e9/5f223/7ea46

Snow Elf Cave bcf21

horn lamp 1f248/1f24a

horn lamp hanger 24f20/5ad5b

horn lamp stand 1f249

Night Mother’s Coffin 1c599

Silver candle holder 86015/86016/86017

Covered coffin eab20/eab21

log pile 71c47

fortune teller Duran 108d7d

Jewelry inlaid candle holder 905e3 【Don’t steal】

Brick House 41246/55c07/98e67/b3fc4/c0c2d/c0c2e/c0c2f


When the dummy is moving, click the dummy → tai… When changing clothes, click the dummy → openactorcontainer + space +1… When showing the opposite sex clothes, click the dummy → sexchange…

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