The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind The cultivation method of the invincible mage

(Set alchemy as the main skill) First go to the wizards’ guild in Balmora to buy alchemy stuff (3 pieces), and buy another one at the temple (3 missing 1 :)) of course, it’s the cheapest, no money. . Buy a lot of Swamp Myro and Wick Wheat, refining, refining, refining…refining to Alchemy Level 100 (soon, 15 minutes) sell to the white port on the left side of the temple XXXXX 3000 per day, training all the Skills that can be trained, about 2 years later, you can see the gods and destroy the gods, see the Buddha and kill the Buddha, you must know that the blood-added bottles made by the 100-level alchemy are added quickly.

The high-end alchemy tools make medicine bottles with good effects and high prices. Remember to change the best tools in time.

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