The Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall game cheats

The Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall game cheats

The Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall game cheats

Activate cheating mode

Find the Z.CFG file in the game directory, edit it, and add “CHEATMODE1” to the next line, so that you can use the following function keys after entering the game:

God mode: [Ctrl] + [F4]

Back to the last location: [Alt] + [F11]

All maps: Press [Ctrl] + [F1].

5,000 coins: Press [Ctrl] + [F9].

Screenshot: Create a folder named “pics” under the “dagger” file, and press.

Improve reputation: Press-to improve your reputation.

Increase reputation: press +

6 times speed: press 1.

Repair magic items

This procedure involves editing game files, first backing up the files, and then using a text editor to edit the z.cfg file in the daggerfall directory. Add “magicrepair 1” to the last line.


I stayed in the store, and at night the store was closed, but the owner was still there. But as long as the file is filed at this time and the file is retrieved, the shopkeeper will not know where to go, so that he can take the things in the shop and sell it to the boss.

Looking for trouble

In the city, if things like going to the wrong place or accidentally opening a box that cannot be opened, or forgetting to pay for something, it will cause some trouble, and it will be noisy, annoying, and difficult to fight. If you just see him, run to another room as soon as possible. Facing the wall in their direction, kicking, hammering, knocking, and waiting for a few screams before going out to pick up their weapons and armor, sometimes you can get things that you can hardly buy.


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