The classic game “Knights of the Round” game guide

The classic game Knights of the Round game guide

The classic game “Knights of the Round” game strategy:
780,000 points clearance strategy
Use role: Lancelot (Lancelot) (Note: This skill does not use the equal fire cow and infinite chicken techniques)
Game difficulty: above difficult level. Control less than one-fifth of the blood volume and heavy cut the enemy
Player HP: one-fifth of the blood (empty blood plus 160 chicken legs or 2 grapes, just put 2 insurance)
One-time clearance: to prevent deliberate death before killing the BOSS, add a few more 200 points for insurance when the clearance score is settled
Operation requirements: skilled operation of heavy chop, block, kick, swing knife, immediate heavy chop, second heavy chop, swing knife, horse stepping and dismounting (the most critical)
Time requirements: save every minute and second, pass the level at the fastest speed
Suitable for: Friends who love round tables and have not yet reached 700,000

The first level (attack the village of war)
On the mountain, go forward, first split the barrel below, and when the red soldier SOLDIER rolls on the ground, open the 400 cash box (the red shock may occur), do not eat the red shock, kill the soldier first and then eat the red shock, 2 The green soldier SOLDIER with helmet, 2 light swords and 1 heavy sword. Open the fence and eat directly without splitting for 600 points (only 540 for splitting 90%). 2 swordsman SWORD MAN, 2 light knives and 1 heavy knives each, the next 2 minions only hacked to death, and then put the insurance (A+B) to kill 1 minion SOLDIER 2 swordsman SWORD MAN (320+ 1600+1600).
Cross the bridge, there are 2 green soldiers with helmets, don’t chop them, eat blood and score points (do not consider splitting the red and green 2 shocks, which will delay time). After the two red creeps without helmets appear, you must quickly kill one, step back and turn the green creeps down (be careful not to spin to death the red creeps that have not been killed just before), and then kill 3 creeps in order (kill first) Red queen kills green 40 points more).
BOSS battle (SCORN)
Cut the BOSS 5 heavy sword and there are 2 green creeps with helmets on the left, quickly kill one, and the other 1 rewards 1 heavy sword. No matter if he continues to cut the BOSS 2 heavy swords, 1 creep (left side) and 1 swordsman appear. (Right side), the small soldier still has 1 heavy sword, the swordsman 2 light swords + 2 heavy swords, and then the insurance spins to death 2 small soldiers and 1 swordsman (3200+400+400), 12000 upgrade, and then let the BOSS off duty (the speed of the whole level is required Fast, otherwise the time will be affected)
Clearance score: 25000+.

Second Level (Great Chaos)
Kill the 2 small soldiers that appear on the face, move forward, and the two swordsmen each have 2 light swords and 1 heavy sword, and then resolutely don’t touch them (of course, it doesn’t matter if they get 1-2 light swords). 2 minions just give it to death, 2 pink trapeze mask man each with 2 heavy knives, put insurance 1600+1600+1600+1600 into the account. Continue to move forward, take points, kill the fat guy (4 light knives in a row, 180 points of jewels may be left), and then kill the two green soldiers in front (1 light knives + 1 heavy knives) and move forward, there will be 2 soldiers and 2 swordsmen, quickly Solve the front minions, then kill the minions behind with 3 light knives + 1 heavy knives to form 4 companies (showing 800 points, there may be a 600 cash box), now it’s time to do a big job, let the enemy cut you a few knives (only Keep less than one-fifth of the blood, and never put insurance) Cut the Red Bull BUSTER.F from the horse. It is best to leave only the blood that just happened to be trampled to death (1 light knife + 2 heavy knives under the horse), 2400 (It is possible to leave 600 boxes), the remaining 2 swordsmen, 1 fat man, 1 birdman BIRD MAN, 1 gray bull BUSTER.S, 1 soldier, all trampled to death and can not lose the horse (1600+1600 +1200+1200+3200+400 may add 800 jewel boxes to the account). There are 3 swordsmen at Hongzhen, dismount (B-AB) each with 1 light sword + 2 heavy swords, insurance, 3200+3200+3200 credit, upgrade 60000 points +. Forward, there are 2 ways to play.
Method 1 (difficult to succeed): eat red shock, open the fence, double-cut 2 birds BAD FALCON (cut the bird and then cut the fire, the action should be fast) to form 4 consecutive, then all enemies will be trampled to death until the final score is settled : 1600+400+400+1200+1200+480+400+400.
Method 2 (common play method): open the fence, shake 2 birds to death, save people and eat points, but don’t kill the red trapeze mask man first, kill 2 minions and lead trapeze. Previously, 2 fat guys trampled and killed 1 for 600 points, then 2 The small soldiers quickly killed them to form 4 companies (don’t kill other enemies by accident), and then the remaining personnel (1 red trapeze, 1 magician, 1 fat man) trampled to death with horses or killed them together (1600+480+1200).
Reward 6 heavy knives and 1 red soldier appears, quickly kill it, and continue to slash the BOSS. Then there is 1 soldier and 1 fat man. Kill the soldier first, then cut the fat man with 2 heavy knives. The horse is trampled to death or the horse is killed for 1200 points (the horse loses insurance) It is also possible to spin to death, 200 points less than the clearance settlement), in the end, the boss passed the stage.
Clearance score: 95000+.

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