The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth game cheats


How to open the console

The condition is to enable a MOD. The MOD folder is written in the game root directory savedatapath.txt. The game will consider each folder in this folder as a MOD, and just create an empty folder.

After opening any MOD in the game, the achievement system will be disabled (similar to challenges, achievements cannot be unlocked). If you want to unlock achievements, please keep the folder empty or disable MOD in the game.

Summary of steps:

1. Open savedatapath.txt and copy the MOD folder path inside

2. Go to the MOD folder and create a new folder with an English name (or the creative workshop has a MOD)

3. Run the game, press “~(esc bottom left)” to open the console in the game

Basic console operation

The console can only be opened after MOD is enabled. If you don’t have a MOD, you can download one from the steam workshop, or create an empty folder in the MOD folder.

Show console:

Press ~ in the game to turn it on (upper left of the keyboard, below esc).

Hide the console:

Do not enter text, just press Enter.

Beware of spoilers: Some things that should be experienced in normal games will be “accidentally” learned in the debug console.

The debugging console is not absolutely stable. Entering certain commands will cause the game to crash (for example, the number is out of range). Some crashes are recorded in the document, and some are not recorded.

If you want to test a certain prop or combination of props, you can enter a command and then exit to continue. The props will be reloaded, so you don’t need to type those same commands again. You can also try using the clipboard. Copy multiple commands at once and enter them with copy commands.



Production (spawn)

(PS: Can produce enemies, babies, various boxes, keys, gold coins, etc.)


Spawn mega maw

Spawn 20

Spawn 10.1


In entities, the names may conflict, so you may need to type a part of the name to find its number (through grammar hints), then delete the name and manually enter the number you find.

How to use the decimal point: Type. Variant. Subtype. Elite type (Type.Variant.Subtype.Champion).

Spawn can get a burning variant (.2) of gaper (10), and it is a blue elite monster (.4). (PS: See grammar hints)



Goto s.boss.1010

Goto s.error.21

Goto d.10

S means special room, and d is a normal room type. The rooms on different floors are different, so on the first floor and the third floor, the rooms that goto d.10 jumps to are also different.

Layer jump (stage)


Stage 1

Stage 10a

Stage 3b

Move to another layer in the same seed. You can use this command to jump to some later layers and return to the previous layer. Enter the id of the current layer to reset the current layer.

Inputting a non-existent layer will cause the game to crash.

Production terrain (gridspawn)

stone, fire, flying, basement passage, etc.


Gridspawn 1000

Gridspawn 1494

Gridspawn 9000

Gridspawn 9100

Generate a grid entity with a given ID at a random location in the room. When certain entities cannot be covered, or when trying to place entities outside the room, no effect will occur. If you do not re-enter and exit the room, the generated pit (Pit) will display abnormality.


Various cheating instructions useful for testing. In addition, some deprecated, unimportant or invalid instructions are not listed. The following are useful commands:

Debug 3 completely invincible

Debug 4 DMG +40, will not switch the character’s current weapon. It goes well with Soy Milk

Debug 7 displays the attack value, very similar to Spider MOD

Debug 8 Active props unlimited charging

Debug 9 High luck, the probability of occurrence of events related to luck is greatly increased

After   debug 10 is enabled, all enemies will receive a lot of damage immediately, and the room will be cleaned up immediately

PS: After you enter debug 3, the game will prompt Enabled debug flag, which means that you have inserted a flag that “you will lose blood immediately”, and you will unplug the flag after you enter it again.

Give items (giveitem)

alias (alias): givetim,g

Props and accessories grammar:

Giveitem dr. fetus

giveitem c15

Giveitem Petrified Poop

Giveitem t15

Giveitem ipec

givetim mutant sp

G soy milk

Item names are prone to conflicts, so you may need to type a part of the name to find its number, then delete the name and manually enter the number you find. For props, use “c15” to indicate the number. For accessories, “t15” can be used. Note that if you don’t type the full name, you can complete it automatically. For items with weird names like “<3”, you must find the item number, and then use the command “c15” to indicate it. Name input is not supported.

/*Note*/ The name starting with the lowercase letter “p” will be understood as the id of the pill: p0 (Bad Gas). Items starting with P need to be entered in capital letters.

PS: c15 means item 15 which means prop<3, “<3” is the name of the item, t15 means item 15 and the number is the same as the illustrated book

Pill Grammar:

Giveitem p0

G p22

Card Grammar:

Giveitem k1

G k45

does not support the input of the name of the pill or card, and the number is required. Even if the effect of a pill is not yet known, it can be obtained through instructions. It will not be changed in subsequent random processes.

/*Note*/ The name starting with the lowercase letter “p” will be understood as the id of the pill: p0 (Bad Gas). Items starting with P need to be entered in capital letters.

PS: Use grammar tips for pill cards



Remove t53

Remove soy milk

Remove cursed eye

R bob’s brain

R experi

Remove *

Remove * is a special syntax that will remove all props from the character.

Costume test (costumetest)



Costumetest 33

Randomly give Isaac a costume, the related items will not take effect.


has the same effect as long pressing R. Reset the game and start a new round.

Enumeration items (listcollectibles)

displays the props and the number of them.

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