Test Drive Unlimited game cheats

Editor Mode Unlock the editing mode

Must get Pro status

Photo mode Unlock the photo mode

Must obtain Amateur level.

The Legendary Record Unlock the legendary record?

Reach Champion level (450 points)

The Reward Unlock the reward

Reach Expert level (180 points)

May the Best Man Win unlock the “MTBMW”? mode

Reach Champion level (450 points)

Bike Showrooms BIKE Showroom (Get a motorcycle)

Find all the auto shows on the island

Chronopack transport package?

Just buy and own the second car

Unlock other vehicles

Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione:. Complete all Tour of the Island “Island Tour?”

All Challenges ope: Must obtain the championship level.

Chrysler Firepower Concept car: Complete all mail delivery (?) tasks.

Chrysler ME Four-Twelve: You must complete all racing challenges and win all the gold cups.

Ford Island: Activate “Expert Level”.

Ford Mustang GT-R Concept: Complete all transport tasks.

Ford Shelby Cobra Concept: Complete all TOPMODEL tasks.

Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept: Complete all the speed challenges and get all the gold cups.

Volkswagen W12 Coupe: Complete all time challenges and get all gold cups.

Volkswagen W12 Roadster: Complete all “HITCH-HIKER” tasks.

Walmaealamae Haven of Peace: This real estate can be obtained by exploring all the roads on the island

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