Tales of Maj’Eyal game cheats

Tales of MajEyal game cheats

Tales of Maj’Eyal is a very special and classic strategy work. Its special feature is that this game is completely a reset version of the T-Engine game engine. The content of the game is also very representative. It is recommended Friends who haven’t played can try it.

1. Create a new cheat.cfg file under the game archive file, and enter cheat = true in it to start the game cheating mode
Remarks: The archive location of different systems
Windows7: C:\user\username\T-Engine\4.0\settings
WindowsXP: C:\Documents and Settings\user name\T-Engine\4.0\settings
2. Enter the game, you can turn on/off the console with a combination of buttons and get the cheating effect you want.


Hotkey Effect
[Ctrl] + L Lua console
[Ctrl] + A Debug dialog
[Ctrl] + S Store game
[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + r Load the last archive

[Ctrl] + L After opening the console, enter the corresponding cheat code:

Cheats Effect
game.player:forceLevelup(50) Level 50
game.player.invulnerable=0 Turn off invincible mode
game.player.inc_damage.all= Change the damage to
game.player.self.resists.all= Change defense power to
game.player:learnTalent(game.player.T_SLASH, true, 1) Learn new skills (example: level 1 in the wetland)
game.player:setEffect(game.player.EFF_FROZEN, 10, {}) Player status adjustment (example: freeze 10 rounds)
Max HP
game:changeLevel(2,”thieves-tunnels”) Send to (Example: Assassin Lord)
game.player:incMoney(5000) + 5000 gold coins
game.player.unused_talents=10 10 skills
game.player.unused_stats=10 10 attribute points
game.player.stats_per_level=4 Upgrade gain points adjusted to 4 (default is 3)
game.player.unused_generics=10 10 common points
game.player.unused_talents_types=10 10 career points
game.player.easy_mode_lifes=10 Get 10 lives


Resurrection method of dead characters:
Prerequisites for resurrection: archived by the resurrected character, UE editor
Resurrection steps:
1. Find the game.teag and mod.class.Player of the archive file after the character’s death (the archive will usually be in T-Engine\4.0\tome\save), copy it to any other enemy, and unzip
2. Open the UE editor, open the file decompressed in the first step, and select “No” when prompted to convert. Find d[“dead”]=ture in the opened archive file (this is the proof of your character’s death) and delete it; for those who have died, you need to find [life] again, and change the 0 behind to other numbers ( The number of lives of the character); save, close.
3. Reopen game.teag, click Add, and enter the modified mod.class.Player.
4. Create a new save and put game.teag in, so that after you re-enter the game, you can find that the dead are magically resurrected!


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