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Spider-Man Friend or Foe cheats

Spider Man Friend or Foe cheats

Floating Attack Punch a large enemy in the air then climb onto his back (black cat, new goblin, iron fist, silver sable etc.) it may not work the first time but it will when you do more.   SiN game

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions game cheats

Spider Man Shattered Dimensions game cheats 1

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions game cheats: Turn on hidden clothing: In the main menu of the game, press the following keys in order to open the hidden costume (spider suit)   Cheats Effect Up right right right left left left bottom

Spider-Man GBA game cheats

Spider Man GBA game cheats

Spider-Man GBA game cheats   在专辑(Specials)里可以输入以下密码: Cheats Effect ARACHNID Open all regular levels, videos and galleries KOALA Battle control Headexplody Reward training level CHILLOUT Super coolant JOELSPEANUTS Big head mode SERUM the scientist HERMANSCHULTZ Shocker (person’s name) GIRLNEXTDOOR Mary Jane

Spider-Man 3 kill enemy game cheats

Spider Man 3 kill enemy game cheats

Spider-Man 3 second kill enemy game cheats: This second method is the most effective in the early stage, but in the later stage it depends on the difficulty. When the players are close to the enemy, press E and then

Spider-Man 2 game cheats

Spider Man 2 game cheats

Spider-Man 2 game cheats: After clearing the level with FLUWDEAR as the name⇒Select level Game save location: win7:C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Activision\The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (TM) Zombie Shooter game cheats Dungeon Keeper 2 game cheats Just Cause 2 game cheats Call of Duty 8

Spider-Man game cheats

Spider Man game cheats

Spider-Man game cheats:   Cheats Effect WEAKNESS Full of life GLANDS Cobweb unlimited ADMNTIUM Invincible mode TRISNTNL Dress up SYNOPTIC Spiderman infinite costume XILRTRNS Scarlet hot spider costume KICK ME clothing EGOTRIP Big head mode SM LVIII The rapidly changing