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King’s Quest 8 Mask of Eternity cheats

Kings Quest 8 Mask of Eternity cheats

Good Cheats First push CTRL+SHIFT+7 at the same time. While playing. push again to close. Code: effect god-ungod:Toggles god mode teleport:warp anywhere on map (click on mini map) noconcollide:no clipping bump:move short distance through walls set kqconner-reincarnate true:instant reincarnate. Get

King’s Quest 2 cheats

Kings Quest 2 cheats

Neat Things Check out the guest list at the wedding. Hang out around the entrance to Hagatha’s cave for a suprise! Try swimming in the poison lake.       Ignition game cheats Imperialism game cheats Imperium Galactica cheats Imperium

King’s Quest I Quest for the Crown cheats

Kings Quest I Quest for the Crown cheats

Debug Mode Press [Left Shift] + [Right shift] + [Keypad Plus] to enable debug mode. Except as noted, the following global variable values may be edited. The changes only take effect after debug mode is exited. Global variables Comment 1