Tabloid Tycoon game cheats

Tabloid Tycoon game cheats

Tabloid Tycoon game cheats

On the main office interface, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C to open the console and enter the following cheats:

super staff⇒get a super reporter and super photographer (costs $100 per week)
they’re here⇒$100,000
they’re back⇒$1,000,000
they’re gone⇒$10,000,000
instant litigation⇒20 litigation
Enter any trophy name
If you enter hoopla⇒get this trophy
(The first input is “Bronze Medal”, the second time is “Silver Medal”, and the third time is “Gold Medal”)
lose face⇒”Public Satisfaction” becomes -50
spin doctor⇒”Public Satisfaction” becomes 50
walk of shame⇒reputation change 0
walk of fame ⇒ 100 reputation
dumpster dive⇒Add news clues
cheating is wrong⇒Super cheating effect
Maximum prestige, maximum public satisfaction, $10,000,000, all items
The company’s largest and upgraded newspaper, more news clues

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