Syndicate Wars game cheats

Syndicate Wars game cheats

Syndicate Wars game cheats

Each time you start the game, type “POOSLICE” in the Login window. If you hear a sound, turn on the cheats mode (you can change the login name to the login name you want), and then use the following key combinations in the game Get the corresponding effect:

Cheats effect
Press the. Key in any window An increase of 10,000 yuan.
Press the 0 button in the development window One more weaponry or armor developed.
Press the U key in the development window Make the development progress skip a day.
Press the 0 button in the equipment window Increase the purchase of weapons.

In the game, press the following keys to get the corresponding cheats effect:

Cheats effect
[Alt]+C Complete the current task and leave.
[Alt]+T Click the mouse to move the position and then press this button to send the player back to this place.
[Shift]+Q Bring the agent back to life

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