SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate game cheats

Find “[Engine.GameEngine]” in Swat4.ini and change “EnableDevTools=False” to “EnableDevTools=True”.

Then press “~” in the game (the key to the left of number 1, the upper left of the keyboard) to open the console

Enter the following: (you need to re-enter at the beginning of each level, for example, after entering god in this level, it will be invalid at the beginning of the next level, and you need to enter it again)

God God Mode

Behindview 1 third person mode

Walk Close through the wall

Ghost open through the wall

Behindview 0 first-person mode

SetGravity X changes the gravity, X is the gravity value

SetJump X Set the jumping height, X is the height value

Developer Tip 1:

Fiber optic sight glass (equipment #9, the one with the screen) is an important tool. If you don’t want to carry it yourself, let at least two team members carry it, so one hangs up and another

Developer Tip 2:

It’s a good idea to use a fiber optic sight glass to see the missing corners. You can let your team members check most corners.

Developer Tip 3:

Increasing the difficulty of the game will also increase the morale of suspects and ordinary citizens (that is, they will behave harder. Those who have played cm and fm should understand)

Developer Tip 4:

Some suspects and citizens who were disobedient at first can use shotguns, stun guns, and hand grenades (should be tear gas or something else?)

To make them obedient, another effective way is to shoot them at non-lethal parts, such as arms and legs, but hurting suspects and citizens will reduce your score

Developer Tip 5:

Any suspect who hides behind the door when c2 explodes will be temporarily blown up there

Developer Tip 6:

Creeping, walking slowly, and bursting can make your front sight more stable and more accurate

Developer Tip 7:

The team members assigned to check the door (stack up) also check the door lock and report whether the door is open

Developer Tip 8:

The best use of    grenades is to greet the enemy before entering the room to clear the field. Remember to use different grenades in different situations

Developer Tip 9:

Most of the main and secondary weapons are equipped with flashlights, which can be used to illuminate darker places that are not easy to see inside

Infinite life mode:

just want to pass the level easily, please see below:

Found in the game directory ContentSystemSwatGame.ini

SPDamageModifierEasy=0.5; SPDamageModifierNormal=1.0; SPDamageModifierHard=1.5; SPDamageModifierElite=1.5;

Change SPDamageModifierEasy=0.5 to SPDamageModifierEasy=0 in easy difficulty, such as playing in normal, hard, elite modes

Just change the corresponding numbers of 1.0, 1.5, 1.5 to 0. After entering the game, you and your companions will still be injured and unable to run (be patient and walk slowly), but you will not die…

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