Surf’s Up game cheats

Surfs Up game cheats

Surf’s Up game cheats

Main interface -> Extras -> Cheat Codes Enter the following cheat codes and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect:

TINYBUTSTRONG⇒New character Arnold
SURPRISEGUEST⇒New character Elliot
SLOWANDSTEADY⇒New character Geek
IMTHEBEST⇒New character Tank Evans
KOBAYASHI⇒New character Tatsuhi Kobayashi
THELEGEND⇒New character Zeke Topanga
DONTFALL⇒Open the bonus level’Legendary Wave’ of’Pen Gu North’
FREEVISIT⇒All tournament areas can be reached
MYPRECIOUS⇒Turn on all skis
GOINGDOWN⇒Open all Leaf Sliding areas
NICEPLACE⇒All galleries?
TOPFASHION⇒Enable all custom characters
WATCHAMOVIE⇒Open all videos and spen albums

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