Supreme Ruler 2010 game cheats

Supreme Ruler 2010 game cheats 1

Supreme Ruler 2010 game cheats:

Press [Enter] in the game to input the following cheats, and [Enter] to confirm that the corresponding effect can be obtained:

Note: You need to enter cheat allowcheats before entering cheats

Cheats Effect
cheat allowcheats Turn on Cheats
cheat georgew $10,000
cheat instantwin Win immediately
cheat allunit Complete all units in construction and training
cheat maxstat Highest level of reconnaissance
cheat fullmapshow Toggle UI button
cheat endday Automatically skip the current day (enter again to close)
cheat onedaybuild Build all units on the second day
cheat satellite Send satellite reconnaissance
cheat shelovesme Fully 100% international trade (World Market) relations
cheat shelovesmenot International trade (World Market) relationship degree 0%

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