Supreme Commander game cheats

First talk about the method of using cheats in mission mode:

Open C:\Documents and Settings\user name*\Local Settings\Application Data\Gas Powered Games\SupremeCommander

(*Username refers to your account name on the computer)

The Game.prefs file in the directory, add at the end

debug = {

enable_debug_facilities = true


This paragraph, then save and start the game

(It should be noted that once changed, the cheats are valid by default no matter in which mode, please be careful not to press the wrong key)

Cheat code:

(There are two types, one is to use the combination key, the other is to press the’~’ key to call up the command window and then enter it, before the semicolon is input from the control panel, after the semicolon is the combination key)

Teleport Selected Units; Alt + T: Teleport the unit you selected to the cursor

BlingBling; Ctrl + Alt + B: add 10,000 resources, which are effective for all players and AI at the same time

SallyShears; Ctrl + Alt + Z: Remove the fog of war, press again to restore

Nodamage; Alt + N: All units do not cause damage, press again to restore

KillAll: Destroy all units on the map, which will cause an explosion

DestroyAll: Destroy all units on the map without exploding

KillSelectedUnits: Destroy the selected unit, will produce an explosion

Destroy SelectedUnits: Destroy selected units without exploding

Show act; F7: Display the information window in the upper left corner of the screen (including FPS, etc.)

PopupCreatUnitMenu; Alt + F2: Display the construction unit window, you can call up all the units to the center of the screen

SetFocusArmyPlayer ‘number’: gain control of the player (-1 is the viewer, 0 is the number one player, 1 is the number two player, and so on)

Sim_gravity ‘number’: change the magnitude of gravity, the default is 4.9

SetArmyColor ‘player name’ ‘color code’: change the player’s color (example: setarmycolor Florian 122,145,0)

DamageUnit ‘number’: Inflict damage to the current unit equal to this value, and the unit can be repaired when a negative number is entered

ai_instabuild: Construction and research are completed instantly, effective for all players and AI

ai_freebuild: Construction and research do not require any resources, it is effective for all players and AI

RenameUnit ‘Name’: Rename the selected unit

IN_BindKey ‘Shortcut Key’ ‘Command’: Define a new shortcut key for a specific command (Example: IN_BindKey [alt] + [K] KillSelectedUnits)

IN_DumpKeyNames: Display all shortcut keys corresponding methods

WLD_gamespeed ‘number’: change the game speed

WLD_resetsimrate: restore the normal speed of the game

WLD_increasesimrate: Increase the game speed by one level

WLD_decreasesimrate: Decrease the game speed by one level

Quit: Exit to the main menu immediately

Exit: Exit to the system immediately

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