Super Mario Bros. X game cheats

Super Mario Bros. X game cheats

Super Mario Bros. X game cheats:

After opening the game, select the map and enter it directly in the map/level after entering.

On the map:

Cheats Effect
imtiredofallthiswalking Show all cards
illparkwhereiwant Can walk anywhere on the map

In the level:

Cheats Effect
needashell The trunk is a green turtle shell
needaredshell The trunk is a red tortoise shell
needablueshell The trunk is a blue turtle shell
needayellowshell The trunk is a yellow turtle shell
needaturnip Carrots in the trunk
needa1up The trunk is 1UP
needamushroom Mushrooms in the trunk
needaflower The trunk is firepower
needaleaf There are leaves in the trunk
needahammersuit The trunk is hammered
needatnookisuit The trunk is raccoon outfit
needanegg Empty eggs in the trunk
needaplant In the trunk is a water pipe piranha
needagun In the trunk is a turret
needaswitch In the trunk is the P- button (you can turn bricks into gold coins)
needaclock The trunk is the clock (stop the activity of removing items outside the player)
needabomb The trunk is the SMB2 bomb.
needashoe The trunk is green shoes
needablueshoe The trunk is blue shoes
needaredshoe The trunk is red shoes
itsamemario Become Mario
itsameluigi Change Luigi
supermario128 Clone 128 people
supermario64 Clone 64 people
supermario32 Clone 32 people
supermario16 Clone 16 people
supermario8 Clone 8 people
supermario4 Clone 4 people
supermario2 When 1 person can become two people, when there are two people, use that to drop the inventory
1player The (shift) key can switch players (original settings)
2player Make 1 player
bombsaway Make 2 player games
firemissiles The player holds a bomb.
wherearemycarkeys The player holds a killer shell
boingyboing The player holds the key
greenegg Player holding springboard
blueegg The player holds a green Yoshi egg
yellowegg The player holds a blue Yoshi egg
redegg The player holds a yellow Yoshi egg
blackegg The player holds a red Yoshi egg
purpleegg The player holds a black Yoshi egg
pinkegg The player holds a purple Yoshi egg
coldegg The player holds a pink Yoshi egg
stickyfingers The player holds the sky blue Yoshi egg
donthurtme Can pick up any NPC
donttypethis Won’t hurt
framerate A row of bombs fell from the sky
speeddemon Can display frame rate
shadowstar Unlimited frame skipping (Max FPS)
wariotime Make Mario black and can go through walls
stophittingme Enemies turn into gold coins
sonicstooslow Under attack
ahippinandahoppin Very fast when pressing accelerator
wingman Can jump infinitely in the air
captainn It can fly infinitely when it becomes a civet cat or a raccoon
moneyfree Press the pause button to stop the time
flamethrower Give you unlimited money

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