Super Bubsy game cheats

Super Bubsy game cheats

Super Bubsy game cheats

Enter the following cheats in the game to get the corresponding effect:
ddb4 ⇒ enable/disable time limit
gh44⇒Invincible mode
f00d⇒View the ending animation
Selection Cheats:
This cheat is invalid after level 16
d66d⇒Into the Canyon (01)
da6d⇒Into the Canyon (02)
d36d⇒Into the Canyon (03)
dd6d⇒Level 01
df6d⇒Level 02
d46d⇒Level 03
d76d⇒Level 04
d06d⇒Level 05
d96d⇒Level 06
d16d⇒Level 07

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