Stronghold game cheats

Stronghold game cheats

Stronghold game cheats

In the main interface, press [Shift] + [Alt] + A to turn on the cheats mode, press the following key combinations in the game to get the corresponding effect:

Cheats Effect
[Alt] + X 100 prestige and 1000 gold
[Alt] + L Upgrade a unit
[Alt] + P Role upgrade
[Alt] + G Main stronghold destroyed
[Alt] + K Destroy the enemy’s fortress
[Alt] + F Everything is free
[Alt] + C Change roles
[Alt] + S Change time
[Alt] + D Debug mode
[Alt] + Q Game acceleration
[Alt] + Y Defeat all enemies on the map
[Alt] + Z Defeat the selected enemy

Siege Engine Ammo Unlimited Method

Click the sick cow launch button, and then double-click on the building you want to attack, so you can have unlimited ammo (note that there is a time interval between double-clicks)!


Peasant Control Law

Build a catapult for attack, put two engineers in it, and then disband the catapult. This is a worker who has become a peasant, trapped them, see, they can be controlled.

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