Stellaris game cheats


Open the console mode or the “~” key as always

Note that the resource storage limit of this game still depends on your development of the planet.

[] is the instruction content

[cash + number]

Increase the amount of electricity by “numerical value”. Just enter cash without adding a specific value, and the electricity will increase to the upper limit

[minerals + number]

increase minerals

[influence + number]

increase influence

[engineering + number]

Increase the number of industrial scientific research points by the “numerical value”. Only input engineering without specific value, it will increase to the upper limit

[society + number]

social Research

[physics + value]

Engineering Research

The increased value of scientific research points will be directly added to your scientific research repository. Generally speaking, your scientific research library is the upper limit of 1w (unless it is enough in the later stage)


All the players’ fleets are locked in blood. That is, the fleet is invincible. Note that ground troops will still drop blood


Research all technologies instantly.


Instantly complete the construction of all construction lists, including buildings and fleets, excluding the army


add an anomaly category to a planet

Example: (selected planet) add_anomaly life_asteroid_category

This will add life_asteroid_category to the selected planet


add a belief to a certain population category

Parameter: [pop id]

[ethic key]

Example: add_ethic_pop purged ethic_fanatic_collectivist Add fanatic collectivist beliefs to the “purged” population


Increase the favorability of a civilization to another civilization

Example: add_opinion 01 00 500 Increase the favorability of civilization 01 to civilization 00. Increase of 500


Add an attribute to a certain race

Example: add_trait_species human intelligent To add “intelligence” attributes to humans


enable/disable diplomacy

Example: This is a switch. After it is turned on, all civilizations can communicate with each other as soon as they meet (no need to study the alpha beta gamma civilization). After closing, all civilizations cannot diplomacy.


crashed the game

The game is forced to quit after input


Inflict X damage on the selected ship

Example: Select a ship, enter damage 50, the selected ship will take 50 hull damage


Free government form. After this option is turned on, the player can switch the whole at will, there is no time/time limit


Same as above. Free switching policy


This is also a switch that can enable/disable unlimited ftl


A switch, the player’s immigration ship will colonize instantly after it is turned on. Can be used to grab Gaia


fleet teleportation

Usage: Select a fleet in the paused situation, right-click the target location, and then open the console and enter instant_move, the fleet will instantly move to that location


switch to sea view mode


switch planetary surface type

Example: (after selecting a planet) planet_class pc_tropical Change the currently selected planet to an island planet


adds permanent happiness buff to the planet

Example: (after selecting a planet) planet_happiness adds a permanent +100 happiness buff to all populations of the current planet. However, the final result value will not exceed the habitable value of the current planet.


Add a certain amount of resource output to the planet

Example: (after selecting a planet) planet_resource mineral 50 Add 50 mineral output to the current planet


Decepticon planetary modification, each of them is Gaia. Modify the grid number of planets directly

Example: (after selecting a planet) planet_size 25 The number of planet grids becomes 25. Note that if the number is too exaggerated, the game will crash directly



Parameter: surrender + ID of the country that actively surrenders + war ID

Example: surrender 05 19 made the No. 5 country surrender in the 19th war


switch to any emperor/country

Example: play + 01 Switch to the Empire player numbered 01. The player number is 00, and the other AI is 01, etc.


instantly fill an empty planet with people/mouth

Example: (selected planet) populate


remove the characteristics of a species

Example: remove_trait_species human intelligent Remove human “intelligence” attributes


add a specific resource

Example: resource minerals 500 increase by 500 minerals


survey all galaxies in an instant


Rewash the player’s technology tree (random)


Print the weight of each technology in the current player’s technology tree (probability of appearance)


Increase war score

Example: (selected empire) warscore 75 adds 75 warscore to all wars currently engaged in the selected empire

1, the amount of cash, plus money (that is, electricity)

2, the amount of influence, plus influence

3, minerals plus minerals

4, fow map fog


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