State of Decay Lifeline DLC game modification cheats


State of Decay Lifeline DLC game modification cheats

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Special state
0009: whereabouts unknown
Skill characteristics
0059: Energetic
005A: Conditional reflex
005B: Leadership
005C: Building
005D: Cooking
005E: Chemistry
005F: Medicine
0060: Research
0061: Fitness expert
0062: Exercise trivia
0063: Gossip
0064: Shopping
0065: Computer skills
0066: Trivia reality show
0067: Business
0068: Gongkou SMS
0069: Record
006A: Animation knowledge
006B: Fantasy Novel
006C: Card game
006D: Woofer
006E: Video game
006F: Tattoo master

Negative characteristics
0152: Concussion (smart XP punishment)
0153: Rib fracture (XP penalty for endurance and aerobic exercise)
0154: trauma (all experience and life punishment)
0155: Ugly scars (sensitive personality)
0156: Double vision (Shooting XP penalty)
0157: Wrist sprain (Melee XP penalty)
0158: Back injury (cumbersome penalty * weight reduction *)
0159: Knee injury (squatting endurance penalty)
015A: Embedded gun howitzer (health penalty)
015B: Infected bite (penalties for life and endurance)
015C: Internal bleeding (health and physical penalty)
015D: Severe laceration (health and physical penalty)

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