Starsky & Hutch game cheats

Starsky Hutch game cheats

Starsky & Hutch game cheats

Create a “LOCAL.INI” file in the installation directory, add the following cheats, one per line:

Cheats effect
FE_CREATE_BEST_PROFILE=TRUE Create a super character archive
FE_UNLOCK_ALL_CARS=TRUE Turn on all cars, plot and season
MONSTER_TRUCK=TRUE The car turns into a monster truck
CARLOS_FANDANGO=TRUE Car gets big band
CanAlwaysPlayNext=TRUE Skip to the next task
CanSkipConversations=TRUE Skip conversation
PlayerUseAI=TRUE Automatic mode
DisableAllSound=TRUE Turn off all sounds
PlayConversations=FALSE Close all sessions
TurnOffThatFeckingStupidGunIcon=TRUE Disable gun icon
UpdateCivilianTraffic=FALSE Ban some civilian traffic
DisableSkidMarks=TRUE No black marks are left when the tires slip
FE_Enable_Free_Roam=TRUE Free roaming mode
MaxVR=TRUE Maximum visual range
NeverRunOutOfVR=TRUE Not out of sight
Show_HUD=TRUE Display HUD
StartGamePaused=TRUE time out
FE_Enable_TV_Special=TRUE Special TV
Funnybones=TRUE Unstable car
SKIPDEVICESELECTION=TRUE Skip the video card selection screen

Use the following cheats as the username:

Cheats effect
VADKRAM Open all rewards

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