StarCraft game cheats collection

power overwhelming = All people put on God’s fairy clothes, they will not hurt by a hundred guns, but they are afraid of the atomic bomb.
operation CWAL=Quick construction, manufacturing, research and repair work, it’s so much better, I’m afraid you will be too busy.
show me the money = add 10,000 ore and gas, enough to upgrade all.
the gathering = unlimited energy for special skills
game over man =The mission ended in failure. Why? For comrades who want to see the failure screen.
noglues = make the opponent unable to use magic (special skills)
staying alive=You will not be able to complete the task after use.
there is no cow level=Direct victory!
whats mine is mine = unlimited minerals, unlimited minerals (Minerals)
breathe deep = Vespene Gas (Vespene Gas)
something for nothing = Complete all upgrades.
black sheep wall=Show all the maps, know yourself and the enemy, never end in battle.
Medieval man = automatic upgrade of arms.
modify the phase variance=Can build all buildings.
war aint what it used to be = cancel the fog.
food for thought = Produce combat units without being restricted by supplies.
radio free zerg=You can hear their hidden songs when you choose to play ZERG missions.

Jump off:


Select the off mode, and enter the name of the level after “Cheat Code Enadbled” is displayed on the screen. (For example, terran10 enters the tenth level of the Terran clan)


Stim Packs = Stimulants that damage 10 Damage (can increase attack power and mobility)
LockDown = Lock down mechanical enemies
ShockWave = shock wave (damage the energy of the enemy and mine, and the plasma shield of the gods)
Spider Mines = Spider Mines
Scanner Sweep = range scanner (exposing invisible units)
Def. Matrix = Square Shield
Irradiate (effective for all Zerg troops and Protoss ground troops) fixed target range
YaMaTo Gun = Yamato Gun
Cloaking field = invisible (Air)
P. Cloaking = Invisible (Earth)

Psionic Storm = Psychedelic Storm
Hallucination = phantom 0002 (generate two phantoms identical to the specified target)
Recall = Recall troops
Stasis Field = Stasis Field (Frozen Battlefield~~~) Ignore effective forces

Zerg: Infestation = Infestation
SpawnBroodling = Extracorporeal ambush (specially kills parasites for ground troops) and two small bugs
Dark Swarm = Swarm (cover)
Plague = Plague (severe damage) but will not die Consume = Attract self-armed troops
energy+50 Ensnare = Ensnare (exotic light slime) to expose invisible units Parasite = Parasitic Scout

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