starcraft 2 game cheats

Result Cheat Code
Invincible mode terribleterribledamage
Earn 5 million bonus points in a single player campaign whysoserious
Acquired five kilogas realmendrilldeep
Obtain five thousand stroaksmolts
Obtained five kilogas and ore smoldersbolds
Weapon, armor, and shield up to one level iamironman
Research point +1 wapboinkers in the battle
Rapid construction basestarsprimative
Quick blood recovery fsbcomunicacion
Production without resources moredotsmoredots
Eliminate the fog of war sawnoutofmemory
Skill no cooldown hanshotfirst
No population limit mintmansoperator
No skill limit sosayweall
There is no time difference (morning/evening) qrotero
Undefeated (should refer to both the enemy and the enemy) ypoonsvoicemail
Unable to win (should refer to both the enemy and ours) tyuhasleftthegame
Direct victory cmethodfeedback
Lose the game directly cadeasygoin
Obtain some unknown resource jaynestown
Same as above dzmhairspring
Ibid furabranchery
The sentence Mission graph dialog selectable should be translated as a dialogue in the mission can be selected? lyingpect
Cinematics menu to watch movie clips in the game eyeofsauron
Play the “Terran Up The Night” song overengineeredcodpiece

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