Star Wars X-Wing Alliance cheats

Star Wars X Wing Alliance cheats

Star Wars X-Wing Alliance cheats


Type WIH in the game to get unlimited ammo supplies.

All ships can be piloted.

Find a file called ‘shiplist’ in the game installation directory, open it, at the end of each line there is the word “flyable” or “non-flyable”, change the ships marked with ” non-flyable” ship to “flyable” on it.

Note: This secret has some side effects, when you pilot an oversized starship such as Star Destroyer or Cruiser, the control of the ship is extremely slow and the guns will not work. And all the ships will not have engine sound, sometimes even the pilot compartment will not be displayed, which is quite scary.

The following secrets apply to version 1.00.

Game general scene when you press ESC, select ‘General Options’, then you can set F11 and F12 as the key to adjust the value of the option, such as the key to adjust the ‘Beam Level’ to 0.

Note: You must install a kind of Beam (tnx 2 LoX) before you use the secret.

Then, press your hotkey F11 or F12 in flight, you will find a situation that will make you jump. …… Watch out for the Beam…… especially if you are flying slower models such as Y-Wing, CORT’s.

This recipe is only available for v1.00.

In the game (preferably in the Plaza Concourse or on the Family Transporter) press Esc and go to General Options, at the bottom you can preset the values for F11 and F12. Now set the Beam Level to zero. Note that this only applies when the beam weapon is not installed.

By pressing the newly edited F11 key (or F12 key) while flying, the game seems to allocate energy to the beam weapons even when they are not installed, because we have reduced the beam charge level to zero and can therefore add that energy to the engines.

This is especially useful for slower ships (like Y?Wing, CORT, etc.).


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