Star Wars Tie Fighter Cheats

Star Wars Tie Fighter Cheats

Star Wars Tie Fighter Cheats

Pilot any spaceship

Enter your name “BONUS” on the registration screen, and then enter the main interface, you can now open the door in the upper right corner. Then you can drive any spaceship in the game.

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Enter the flight state, press Esc and change Vulnerable to Invulnerable, the fighter will be invulnerable, and it will be fine if it hits a large battleship.


Enter the MISSON subdirectory under the TIE subdirectory under DOS. There are many files like B1M1FM.TIE, where B1 means theater 1, M1 means mission 1, F means fighter type, and M means whether to load missiles. If you copy files from other levels to overwrite a file (of course the original file needs to be renamed or backed up), you can change the appearance of other levels. For example, if B2M1BM.TIE covers B1M1FM.TIE, you can actually enter the first mission in the second theater when you select the first mission in the first theater. The rest can be deduced by analogy.

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