Star Wars: Republic Commando game cheats

FreezeFrame #: fixed frame rate delay # seconds, let the game enter slow motion mode

ChangeSize #: Change the size of the player’s character to #, which can be changed to the big head mode

Teleport: Instantly move, transfer the character to the platform facing the (cross cursor)

HOG: The enemy will die with one blow

Fly: Flying

Walk: Turn off the flight

Ghost: Through the wall

Fierfek: Fill up the ammunition

Invisible 1: Invisible on

Invisible 0: Invisible off

TheMatulaakLives: Switch invincible mode

Lamasu: Open all the cards

Darman: skip to the next level

SloMo #: Change the movement speed, such as: Slomo 2, the movement speed is doubled, and the Slomo .25, the movement speed is reduced to 1/4 of the original

SetJumpZ #: Jumping height, jump too high, be careful of falling to death

SetGravity #: Set the gravity, don’t make it too exaggerated, otherwise it will be difficult to move

SetSpeed ​​#: Change the game speed, such as: SetSpeed ​​2, the game speed (including the speed of the enemy) increased by two times

KillAll: Kill the enemies of the specified layer

KillPawns: Kill all teammates

SmiteEvil: Kill all enemies within the radius of the pass

BlindAI 1 (or BlindEnemies 1): the enemy ignores you

BlindAI 0 (or BlindEnemies 0): restore the enemy’s vision

DeafAI 1 (or DeafEnemies 1): the enemy cannot hear your actions

DeafAI 0 (or DeafEnemies 0): restore the enemy’s hearing

Loaded: All weapons and ammunition

AllWeapons: All weapons

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