Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Game Cheats

Turn on cheats mode

Find swkotor.ini in the game directory (such as D:\Program Files (x86)\Obsidian Entertainment\Knights of the Old Republic II), open it with Notepad, and add it under [Game Options]


Save and re-enter the game

How to use the console

Press ~ in the game to enter the console, enter the following cheats and press Enter:

Note: The # in the cheats represents a number. If it doesn’t work, it means you didn’t lose right. Try a few more times.


Cheats Function
Heal Heal (full life)
addexp # Add experience
turbo The characters in the game move at 3 times the original speed
invulnerability Invincible mode
restartminigame Re-play mini games (that is, racing cars, etc.)
bright Increase display brightness
addlightside # Add light level
adddarkside # Add dark side level
revealmap The map is all bright
givecredits # Get money
giveitem (道具名称) The code is on the second page
givemed Get 100 medical kits
giverepair Get 100 parts
givecomspikes Get 100 computer accessories
givesitharmor # Obtain the Sith armor (this is used to enter the lower level of the city in the first level)
warp Move to another place instantly, location code is required
infiniteuses No limit on all items
whereami Show current coordinates
addlevel # upgrade
dancedancemalak In the decisive battle, Darth Malak will become a Tirek dancer and dance
settreatinjury # Set medical ability value
setcomputeruse # Set computer ability value
setdemolitions # Set the destructive ability value (used to dismantle mines)
setstealth # Set sneak ability value (for stealth)
setawareness # Set the value of alertness (used to find the enemy at a distance)
setpersuade # Set persuasive ability value
setrepair # Set maintenance capability value
setsecurity # Set the decryption ability value (used to unlock)
setstrength # Set power
setdexterity # Setting agility
setconstitution # Set physique (related to life and defense)
setintelligence # Set intelligence (equivalent to IQ)
setwisdom # Set wisdom (equivalent to EQ)
setcharisma # Set charm

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