Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic cheats


Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic cheats

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic cheats


Find the game directory such as (C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR) and edit the swkotor.ini file with Notepad.

Add EnableCheats=1 under [Game Options]

In the game, press “‘” to enter the console and enter the following cheats:

Number range (10-999)

heal restores life

addexp (number) add experience value

The characters in the turbo game move at 3 times the original speed


restartminigame Replay mini games (that is, racing cars, etc.)

bright increase the display brightness

addlightside (number) add light side level

adddarkside (number) add darkside level

revealmap all bright

givecredits (number) get money

giveitem (item name) Reference Appendix 2

givemed get 100 medical kits

giverepair get 100 parts

givecomspikes get 100 computer accessories

givesitharmor (number) Obtain the Sith armor (this is used to enter the lower level of the city in the first level)

warp moves to another place instantly, position code is required (attach 1)

infiniteuses unlimited number of items

whereami displays the current coordinates

addlevel (number) upgrade

dancedancemalak In the decisive battle, Darth Malak will turn into a Tirek dancer and dance

settreatinjury (number) Set medical ability value

setcomputeruse (number) Set computer capability value

setdemolitions (number) Set the value of demolition ability (used to demolish mines)

setstealth (number) set stealth ability value (for stealth)

setawareness (number) Set the value of alertness (used to find enemies at a distance)

setpersuade (number) Set persuasive ability value

setrepair (number) Set repair capability value

setsecurity (number) Set the decryption capability value (used for unlocking)

setstrength (number) set strength

setdexterity (number) Set agility

setconstitution (number) set constitution (related to life and defense)

setintelligence (number) set intelligence (equivalent to IQ)

setwisdom (number) Set Wisdom (equivalent to EQ)

setcharisma (number) set charm

Attachment 1:

Kotor 1 Module names

1. Endar Spire

end_m01aa – Command Module

end_m01ab – Starboard Section

2. Taris

tar_m02aa – South Apartments

tar_m02ab – Upper City North

tar_m02ac – Upper City South

tar_m02ad – North Apartments

tar_m02ae – Upper City Cantina

tar_m02af – Hideout

tar_m03aa – Lower City

tar_m03ab – Lower City Apartments

tar_m03ad – Lower City Apartments

tar_m03ae – Javyar’s Cantina

tar_m03af – Swoop Platform

tar_m04aa – Undercity

tar_m05aa – Lower Sewers

tar_m05ab – Upper Sewers

tar_m08aa – Davik’s Estate

tar_m09aa – Sith Base

tar_m09ab – Sith Base

tar_m10aa – Black Vulkar Base

tar_m10ab – Black Vulkar Base (unused game area)

tar_m10ac – Black Vulkar Base

tar_m11aa – Hidden Bek Base

tar_m11ab – Hidden Bek Base

3. Dantooine

danm13 – Jedi Enclave

danm14aa – Courtyard

danm14ab – Matale Grounds

danm14ac – Grove

danm14ad – Sandral Grounds

danm14ae – Crystal Caves

danm15 – Ruins

danm16 – Sandral Estate

4. Tatooine

tat_m17aa – Anchorhead

tat_m17ab – Docking Bay

tat_m17ac – Droid Shop

tat_m17ad – Hunting Lodge

tat_m17ae – Swoop Registration

tat_m17af – Cantina

tat_m17ag – Czerka Office

tat_m18aa – Dune Sea

tat_m18ab – Sand People Territory

tat_m18ac – Eastern Dune Sea

tat_m20aa – Sand People Enclave

5. Kashyyyk

kas_m22aa – Czerka Landing Port

kas_m22ab – The Great Walkway

kas_m23aa – Village of Rwookrrorro

kas_m23ab – Worrwill’s Home

kas_m23ac – Worrroznor’s Home

kas_m23ad – Chieftain’s Hall

kas_m24aa – Upper Shadowlands

kas_m25aa – Lower Shadowlands

6. Manaan

manm26aa – Ahto West

manm26ab – Ahto East

manm26ac – West Central

manm26ad – Docking Bay

manm26ae – East Central

manm27aa – Sith Base

manm28aa – Hrakert Station

manm28ab – Sea Floot

manm28ac – Kolto Control

manm28ad – Hrakert Rift

7. Korriban

korr_m33aa – Dreshdae

korr_m33ab – Sith Academy Entrance

korr_m34aa – Shyrack Caves

korr_m35aa – Sith Academy Entrance

korr_m36aa – Valley of Dark Lords

korr_m37aa – Tomb of Ajunta Pall

korr_m38aa – Tomb of Marka Ragnos

korr_m38ab – Tomb of Tulak Hord

korr_m39aa – Tomb of Naga Sadow

8. Leviathan

lev_m40aa – Prison Block

lev_m40ab – Command Deck

lev_m40ac – Hangar

lev_m40ad – Bridge

9. Yavin Station

liv_m99aa – Yavin Station

10. Ebon Hawk

ebo_m12aa – Bridge

ebo_m46ab – Mystery Box

11. Unknown World

unk_m41aa – Central Beach

unk_m41ab – South Beach

unk_m41ac – North Beach

unk_m41ad – Temple Exterior

unk_m42aa – Elder Settlement

unk_m43aa – Rakatan Settlement

unk_m44aa – Temple Main Floor

unk_m44ab – Temple Catacombs

12. Star Forge

sta_m45aa – Deck 1

sta_m45ab – Deck 2

sta_m45ac – Deck 3

sta_m45ad – Deck 4

Attachment 2:

Calo Nord’s Battle Armor: g_a_class8005

Jedi Robe: g_a_jedirobe01

Jedi Knight Robe: g_a_kghtrobe03

Star Forge Robe: g_a_mstrrobe07

Cardio Regulator: g_i_belt001

Verpine Cardio Regulator: g_i_belt002

Adrenaline Amplifier: g_i_belt003

Advanced Adrenaline Amplifier: g_i_belt004

Nerve Amplifying Belt: g_i_belt005

Sound Dampening Stealth Unit: g_i_belt006

Advanced Stealth Unit: g_i_belt007

Eriadu Stealth Unit: g_i_belt008

Calrissian’s Utility Belt: g_i_belt009

Stealth Field Generator: g_i_belt010

Adrenaline Stimulator: g_i_belt011

CNS Strength Enhancer: g_i_belt012

Electrical Capacitance Charge: g_i_belt013

Thermal Shield Generator: g_i_belt014

Battle Stimulant: g_i_cmbtshot001

Droid Light Plating Type: 1 g_i_drdltplat001

Droid Medium Plating Type: 1 g_i_drdmdplat001

Droid Medium Plating Type: 1 g_i_drdmdplat001

Advanced Repair Kit: g_i_drdrepeqp002

Security Interface Tool: g_i_drdsecspk001

Advanced Flame Thrower: g_i_drdutldev007

Strength Gauntlet: g_i_gauntlet01

Eriadu Strength Gauntlets: g_i_gauntlet02

Sith Power Gauntlets: g_i_gauntlet03

Stabilizer Gauntlets: g_i_gauntlet04

Bothan Machinist Gloves: g_i_gauntlet05

Verpine Bond Gauntlets: g_i_gauntlet06

Dominator Gauntlets: g_i_gauntlet07

Karaken Gauntlets: g_i_gauntlet08

Infiltrator Gloves: g_i_gauntlet09

Cardio Package: g_i_implant101

Response Package: g_i_implant102

Memory Package: g_i_implant103

Done: g_i_implant104

Biotech Package: g_i_implant201

Retinal Combat Implant: g_i_implant202

Nerve Enhancement Package g_i_implant203

The Party Selection Screen Available: g_i_implant204

Bavakar Cardio Package: g_i_implant301

Bavakar Reflex Enhancement Package: g_i_implant302

Bavakar Memory Chip: g_i_implant303

Bio-Antidote Package: g_i_implant304

Cardio Power System: g_i_implant305

Gordulan Reaction System: g_i_implant306

Navaradon Regenerator: g_i_implant307

Sith Regenerator: g_i_implant308

Beemon Package: g_i_implant309

Cyber Reaction System: g_i_implant310

Light-scan Visor: g_i_mask01

Motion Detection Goggles: g_i_mask02

Bothan Perception Visor: g_i_mask03

Verpine Ocular Enhancer: g_i_mask04

Bothan Sensory Visor: g_i_mask05

Vacuum Mask: g_i_mask06

Sonic Nullifiers: g_i_mask07

Aural Amplifier: g_i_mask08

Advanced Aural Amplifier: g_i_mask09

Neural Band: g_i_mask10

verpine Headband: g_i_mask11

Breath Mask: g_i_mask12

Teta’s Royal Band: g_i_mask13

Sith Mask: g_i_mask14

Stabilizer Mask: g_i_mask15

Interface Band: g_i_mask16

Demolitions Sensor: g_i_mask17

Combat Sensor: g_i_mask18

Stealth Field Enhancer: g_i_mask19

Stealth Field Reinforcement: g_i_mask20

Interface Visor: g_i_mask21

Circlet of Saresh: g_i_mask22

Pistol Targeting Optics: g_i_mask23

Heavy Targeting Optics: g_i_mask24

Blue double light saber: g_w_dblsbr001

Red double light saber: g_w_dblsbr002

Green double light saber: g_w_dblsbr003

Yellow double light saber: g_w_dblsbr004

Purple double light saber: g_w_dblsbr005

Bastila’s light saber: g_w_dblsbr006

Blue Double Light Saber: g_w_dblsbr01

Blue light saber: g_w_lghtsbr01

Red light saber: g_w_lghtsbr02

Green light saber: g_w_lghtsbr03

Yellow light saber: g_w_lghtsbr04

Purple light saber: g_w_lghtsbr05

Darth Malak’s light saber: g_w_lghtsbr06

Long Sword: g_w_lngswrd01

Krath War Blade: g_w_lngswrd02

Naga Sadow’s Poison Blade: g_w_lngswrd03

Blue short light saber: g_w_shortsbr01

Red short light saber: g_w_shortsbr02

Green short light saber: g_w_shortsbr03

Yellow short light saber: g_w_shortsbr04

Purple short light saber: g_w_shortsbr05

Short Sword: g_w_shortswrd01

Massassi Brand: g_w_shortswrd02

Teta’s Blade: g_w_shortswrd03

VibroSword: g_w_vbroswrd01

Krath Dire Sword: g_w_vbroswrd02

Sith Tremor Sword: g_w_vbroswrd03

Echani Foil: g_w_vbroswrd04

Bacca’s Ceremonial Blade: g_w_vbroswrd05

Bacca’s Ceremonial Blade (Requires: Melee, Critical Strike, Flurry)

Attack Mod +5, +1-6 Electric: g_w_vbroswrd06

Bacca’s Ceremonial Blade (Requires: Melee, Critical Strike, Flurry)

Attack Mod +5, +1-8 Electric: g_w_vbroswrd07

Bacca’s Ceremonial Blade (Requires: Melee, Critical Strike, Flurry)

Attack Mod +5, +2-12 Electric: g_w_vbroswrd08

Advanced Stabilizer Gloves: g1_i_gauntlet01

Advanced Senseory Implant: g1_i_implant301

Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Implant: g1_i_implant302

Advanced Combat Implant: g1_i_implant303

Advanced Alacrity: g1_i_implant304

Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Mask: g1_i_mask01

Guardian of the Force: g1_w_dblsbr001

Mantle of the Force: g1_w_dblsbr002

Guardian of the Force: g1_w_lghtsbr01

Mantle of the Force: g1_w_lghtsbr02

Guardian of the Force: g1_w_shortsbr01

Mantle of the Force: g1_w_shortsbr02


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