Star Wars Force Commander cheats

Star Wars Force Commander cheats

Star Wars Force Commander cheats


Add command points

Add a new character named “TheGalaxylsYours” to the Select Character screen status. Then simply press M during the game to gain 500 command points! You can repeat this as many times as you like. If you have already added it using the modification file, it will be invalid. (Most characters are supported in v1.1).

All tasks

In the Select Character screen, create a character named “TheWorldIsYours” by double-clicking on the name (note: double-click, not click) and pressing the blue arrow.

Create the required units

1. Press [CTRL] + 0 after using TheGalaxyIsYours secret

2 UP or DOWN key to scroll to select the unit to be created

3 LEFT key to create the selected unit

4 SHIFT UP or DOWN to change the group of created units

Other secrets (must be used after the “TheGalaxylsYours” secret has been activated)

[SHIFT]+M 500 command point

[CTRL]+W Victory

[CTRL]+8 Show available troops

[CTRL]+[SHIFT]+8 Show all troops

[CTRL]+9 Remove smoke from the war

NumLock+ *(for nine frames) (on the keypad) Add 999,999 lives to your troops

Double the troops

If a troop transport is damaged, remove (remove) the troop while exploding, and if correct, the troop will become double.

Pod Racer appears

In the third training level, complete the second objective (destroy the building in Jawa camp) and two pod racers will start the race.

Faster start

Press “Release Patient” when your ship is repaired on the repair platform to start up and leave more quickly.

To destroy enemy forces.

Press [CTRL]+0, then click on an enemy unit and press delete…. The enemy unit will be destroyed just like your own unit when you press delete.

Aircraft carriers become two teams

Move one carrier during the explosion, then the carriers will become two.



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