Star Trek Starfleet Command Cheats

Star Trek Starfleet Command Cheats

Star Trek Starfleet Command Cheats

Extra Prestige Points
Begin any mission and execute an alpha strike on your opponent’s right shield, but do not completely destroy it. Then, fire a photon torpedo into the front left shield. Finally, press [Ctrl] + [F4] to gain 4,000 prestige points.

Cheat Mode
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “sfbspc13.txt” file in the “assets\specs\” sub-directory. The following changes can be done: add cloaking ability, change engine power levels, add shuttles and fighters, change weapons, change shield levels, add more transporters, troops, mines, and more. Note: While playing a game in multi-player mode, all players must use an identical “sfbspc13.txt” file.

Save Your Ship
The best way to save your life in this game is to HIT & RUN! Make a strike with all of your weapons and hit the warp drive! The further you are from a ship, the weaker his phasers are (especially disruptors). Also, concentrate on one side of your enemies shields and wear them down. When that side is gone, stay close and your weapons will go directly to his ship. Finally, turn on your defensive tractor beams! Happy Trekking!


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