Spore game cheats

Cheats window:

Ctrl+Shift+C to call out, enter into effect after intensive input

capturePlanetGIF-save gif
setConsequenceTrait (trait)-cell carnivore, cell_herbivore, cell_omnivore, creature_aggressive, creature_social, creature_mixed, tribe_aggressive, tribe_social, tribe_mixed, civ_ (this article is not clear, to be added)
help (command)-help
addDNA-add DNA
moreMoney-add money
help-dense list
killallhints-remove all hints in the game
refillMotives-replenish all physical strength, energy, etc.
SetTime (h, m)-Set time
freeCam-camera mode
unlockSuperWeapons-Unlock all super weapons in the city stage

Press Shift+Ctrl+C

addDNA —————————————-Increase the amount of DNA
moreMoney ————————————Increase the amount of money during the civilization or space period
refillMotives ————————————Add health and other attributes
SetTime [h, m] ——————————–Set the player’s location, the time period for the planet to rotate one day[ 1-24],[0-59]
freeCam——————————————Switch free camera mode
unlockSuperWeapons ———————-Unlock all super weapons of the current civilization type
levels ———————————————level cheating
levels -unlock ———————————-Unlock all stages
spaceCreate ———————————–Unlock and get all the construction tools of the space period
freedom [on|off] ——————————-switch infinite complexity (not limited by evolution metering slot)

setConsequenceTrait [trait] —————Set the period, write the code of the period in parentheses
cell carnivore ———————————- (cell, carnivore)
cell_herbivore ——————————— (cell, herbivore)
cell_omnivore ——————————— (cell, omnivore)
creature_aggressive ————————- (creature, aggressive)
creature_social ——————————- (biology, social)
creature_mixed ——————————- (creature, mixed)
tribe_aggressive —————————— (tribe, aggressive)
tribe_social ———————————— (tribe, social)
tribe_mixed ———————————— (tribe, mixed)
civ_military ———————————— (civilization, military)
civ_economic ——————————— (civilization, economy)
civ_religious ———————————– (civilization, religion)
space_bard ———————————– (Space, Bard)
space_ecologist —————————— (space, ecologist)
space_zealot ———————————- (space, fanatic)
space_diplomat ——————————(space, diplomat)
space_scientist ——————————(Space, scientist)
space_trader ——————————— (space, trader)
space_shaman ——————————- (space, shaman)
space_warrior ——————————– (space, warrior)
space_wanderer —————————– (space, wanderer)
space_knight ——————————— (space, knight)

help ———————————- list all commands
help [command] —————–Explain the function of the entered command
option ——————————– list all options
prop ———————————-Display and modify characteristics
history ——————————-list the previous command
clear ———————————-clear message
killallhints ————————–Clear all hints in the game
styleFilter -filmNoir ————-Switch to monochrome background and biological display (1)
styleFilter -oilpaint ————–Switch to oil painting background and biological display (1)
stylefilter -none ——————Reset to normal display
pauseUIVisible ——————-Toggle drawing pause frame
toggleCaptureUI —————–Toggle the user interface when displaying screenshots
capturePlanetGIF —————Make the rotation animation of the current planet into a GIF file and save it in the AnimatedAvatars directory
movie ——————————–Video cheating
Quit ———————————-End the game

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