Spore Galactic Adventures game cheats

In the game, hold down the Ctrl+Shift+C keys at the same time to turn on the console, and then enter and exit the corresponding cheats to trigger the corresponding effect.

Check out the cheats:

Dpqsswps——99999HP, which is basically equivalent to unlimited HP

Motherlode-infinite leap, this one is more than ten times higher than the fifth-level engine, allowing you to step on the Gorx and enter the center of the galaxy.

AddDNA——Increase the amount of DNA (used when editing)

MoreMoney——Increase the amount of money during the civilization or space period

RefillMotives-refill health and other attributes

SetTime【h, m】——Set the player’s location and the time period for the planet to rotate one day 【1-24】,【0-59】

FreeCam-switch free camera mode

UnlockSuperWeapons ——Unlock all super weapons of the current civilization type

Levels——level cheating

Levels -unlock——Unlock all levels

SpaceCreate——Unlock and obtain all space-time construction tools

Freedom [on|off] ——Switch unlimited complexity (not limited by evolution metering slot)

Generally speaking, it is setConsequenceTrait+space+code

Help——list all commands

Help【command】——Explain the function of the input command

Option-list all options

Prop——Display and modify characteristics

History-list the previous command

Clear——clear the message

killallhints-clear all hints in the game

StyleFilter -filmNoir-switch to monochrome background and biological display

(1) styleFilter -oilpaint——Switch to oil painting background and biological display

(1) stylefilter -none——reset to normal display

PauseUIVisible——Toggle drawing pause frame toggleCaptureU——Switch the user interface when displaying screenshots

CapturePlanetGIF——make the rotation animation of the planet where you are currently in a GIF file and save it in the AnimatedAvatars directory

movie——Video cheating

Quit——End the game

Evoadvantage——You can choose the creatures made by the creature editor when you start a new game from the creature stage after use (such as those downloaded)

You can also set periodical cheats:

SetConsequenceTrait【trait】——Set the period, write the code of the period in parentheses

Cell carnivore——(cell, carnivore)

Cell_herbivore —— (cell, herbivore)

Cell_omnivore——(cell, omnivore)

Creature_aggressive—— (creature, aggressive)

Creature_social——(biological, social)

Creature_mixed——(creature, mixed)

Tribe_aggressive——(tribe, aggressive)

Tribe_social——(tribe, social)

Tribe_mixed——(tribe, mixed)

Civ_military——(civilization, military)

Civ_economic——(civilization, economy)

Civ_religious——(civilization, religion)

Space_bard——(Space, bard)

Space_ecologist——(Space, ecologist)

Space_zealot——(Space, zealot)

Space_diplomat——(Space, diplomat)

Space_scientist——(Space, scientist)

Space_trader——(Space, trader)

Space_shaman——-(Space, Shaman)

Space_warrior——-(Space, warrior

Space_wanderer—— (space, wanderer)

Space_knight——(Space, knight)

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