Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions game cheats

Spider Man Shattered Dimensions game cheats 1

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions game cheats:

Turn on hidden clothing:

In the main menu of the game, press the following keys in order to open the hidden costume (spider suit)


Cheats Effect
Up right right right left left left bottom up Iron Spider (2099 dimension)
Left right right bottom right bottom top left Negative Zone (Gray Spider) (Noir Dimension)
Upper right left upper right upper left right upper left right Scarlet-Spider (dark red spider)

How to adjust the resolution of Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions game:
method 1:

1. Open the registry. (WIN+R, then enter REGEDIT, press Enter, this will not understand, right?) How to modify the resolution of “Spider-Man: Broken Dimensions”?

2. Open the game and enter the screen options, you will find that you can now select the resolution you just set.

3. Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Activision\Spider-Man (TM) SD\Settings\Game, and change the values of FirstRunCompleted and CleanQuit to 0. Then enter the Display item to find the Width, and enter the resolution you want .

Method 2:

1. Open the system start menu

2. Run and enter regedit to enter the registry and find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Activision\Spider-Man (TM) SD\Settings\Display

3. Open the sub-item and modify the settings inside. Height is the height and Width is the width. Use hexadecimal. Open the calculator and modify it. For example, if I set the resolution of 1280*960, the Width value is changed to 500 Height Is 3c0, 1024*768 is 400 and 300, 1440*900 is 5a0 and 3c0


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