Spider-Man game cheats

Spider Man game cheats

Spider-Man game cheats:


Cheats Effect
WEAKNESS Full of life
GLANDS Cobweb unlimited
ADMNTIUM Invincible mode
SYNOPTIC Spiderman infinite costume
XILRTRNS Scarlet hot spider costume
KICK ME clothing
EGOTRIP Big head mode
SM LVIII The rapidly changing spiderman costume
CLUBNOIR Ben clothing
MRWATSON Peter Parker costume
MME WEB Select
FANBOY All comic books
CINEMA Animation
RGSGLLRY Character vision
UATUSEES “What If?” mode
STICKMAN Batter shape
FUNKYTWN Cartoon style
KIRBYFAN All comic books
RULUR J. James Jewett
LEANEST Lift all restrictions
MIGUELOH Spiderman costume
SECRTWAR Spiderman costume

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