Space Empires game cheats

WARPMAP [map name]: Move your new map immediately [systemname]

(in the same place on this map).

WARP [Map Number]: Move your new map immediately [Number]

(in the same place on this map).

CREDITS: I believe you have 1,000,000.

LEVEL: Give you enough experience to get to the next level.

STOP: All hostile ships will not move or shoot.

NOMOVE: All hostile ships will not move (only they will shoot).

COLLISIONGRID: Display the AIs collision and pathfinding grid.

PLAYERISTARGET: All hostile ships will shoot at the player’s ship.

INV: The player boat cannot be injured.

REP: The player ship is completely repaired.

HIDESHIP: Hide the player’s ship.

HIDERETICLE: Hide the target modulation dial.

DEBUG: Ping-pong switch is written to the debug log.

VIEWCHANGE: Allows you to change the ship currently being watched.

Press Ctrl-V to change the current view boat.

(turn through the ship available in this system)

Press Ctrl-B to return to your player’s boat.

This feature may cause errors.

SHOWFIRINGPOINTS: Shows the sparking points of a light ball on all ships.

SYSMAPALL: Show all ships in the system map.

SHOWTARGETID: Show the current space object of this object to prove the target.

LISTFIRINGPOINTS: Display all the text list points

The currently targeted ship.

TRIGGEREVENT [event name]: Whatever caused the named event to be triggered

Its trigger situation.


Edit: Those remembered are more…

LRS: This component is not necessary for the players to ship the’Long Range Scanner’ power

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