Soulbringer game cheats

Soulbringer game cheats

Soulbringer game cheats

Press / in the game to enter the following cheats:
debug off⇒Turn off debug mode
debug on⇒Enable debug mode
smoghead⇒Full of life
gimme [item name]⇒Create item
iamgod⇒Invincible mode
iamgoddess⇒Invincible mode (only effective in the last level)
giants⇒Kill all enemies on the screen
active drop⇒Exit airplane mode
all weapons⇒List all weapons in debug mode
foghack⇒Remove the fog of war
enabled fly⇒flight mode
opensezme⇒Open the locked door
switch⇒View the nearest enemy
Developer Mode: Hold down the [Shift] key when starting the game, then select Developer Mode.


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