Sonic R cheats

Sonic R cheats

Sonic R cheats

View Demo
Press [Action] + [Accelerate] to view the demo, or bypass the Sega and “Traveler’s Tales” screens.

Skip Credits
Hold [Action] + [Accelerate] + [Change View] and press [Start].

Quick Finish
On Resort Island, the quickest way to finish is to avoid the loop right before the start/finish line. When you get to it, just duck off the pathway to the right, this can cut time anywhere from .5- 1.0 seconds off your lap!

Pink Diamond
To get the pink diamond, go to the Radiant City course, before you get to the big drop-off before the jackpot machine, there will be a locked door worth 50 coins to get in. If you open it, at the end of the passage way, there’ll be a pink diamond! If you’re knuckles, you can then glide far enough to get over the jackpot machine without using the spring board!

Stage 5-Radiant Emerald
This is the final stage! Complete ALL stages with an 1st place score. Now you can access Radiant Emerald.

New Characters
To unlock new characters just find/collect all sonic coins(5)and win the race 1st 2nd or 3rd. Win the race.

Stage 1-Resort Island-Metallix
Stage 2-Regal Ruin-Puppet Tails
Stage 3-Radical City-Robo Robotnix
Stage 4-Reactive Factory-Mecha Knuckles
Stage 5-Radiant Emerald-Nobody
Spin Dash
In the beginning of a race it will say READY, When it says that HOLD down on the down button and keep on pressing the A button alot of times. I think you can only do it with Sonic & Knuckles and maybe Tails. You can also do this in the middle of the race.

Secret Charecters
To get the secret all secret charecters, collect all 5 golden sonic coins and place either 1st, 2nd or 3rd on the various race tracks.

Here is a list of the secret characters:
NOTE: When you have been chosen to race with the charecters,you must be 1st. If you are 2nd, it is considered as a loss and you will have to collect the golden coins over and over again until you are victorious.
Special Track
On the Radical City course, take a left at the first stream. Keep on following it until land. You will now have passed the other characters. Note: This will take you past a Sonic Coin.

Control Title Screen Logo
At the title screen, press the direction controls to rotate the “R”. Press [Change View] to change the color.

Course Close-up
At the course selection screen, press Up and Down to zoom in and out.

Play As Same Character
Select multi-player mode, then highlight a character, hold [Change View] and press [Action].

Play As Super Sonic
Collect all seven chaos emeralds from the first four courses.

Play As Dr. Robotnik
Finish in first place in the in the Radiant Emerald course.

Radiant Emerald Course
Finish in first place on each normal course.


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