Sniper Elite Berlin 1945 Game Cheats (XboxPS2PC)

Sniper Elite Berlin 1945 Game Cheats Xbox

Sniper Elite Berlin 1945 Game Cheats (XboxPS2PC)

Use the following username to enter the game:
Panzer⇒Explosive bullet
Stealth⇒The bullet is silent
Ratbomb⇒The rat becomes a grenade, and the rat will explode if hit

Game modification cheats:

Cheatengine modifier
Download the latest version of Cheatengine


ECD7FD30 14962DA0

Infinite life

If you are hit by artillery, the game will think you have died but you wil still be alive.

1CBE3A90 205325DD

1CBE3A94 B093E7BD

1CBE3A98 5896E7BD

1CBE3AA0 1456E7A5

Unlimited ammo

1CB3BB6C 1456E7A5

Infinite Ammo In Magazine

1CB666D8 1456E7A5

Infinite Grenades/Items

1CB666D8 1456E7A5

Huge Zoom On Sniper Scopes

1CA2383C 205524DD

1CA2385C 205524DD

1CA2387C 205524DD

Scope Zoom Speed

Quicker Zoom

1CA23884 2055F30C

Slower Zoom

1CA23884 2055F3A5

Another group



1C8FD710 205AE605

1C8FD714 2059E79D

1C8FD718 104589F8

1C8FD71C 2058E79D

1C8FD720 1045C6CB

1C8FD724 145607BA

1C8FD628 2059E605

1C8FD62C 205AE79D

1C8FD630 104589F8

1C8FD634 2058E79D

1C8FD638 0C58DB3C

1C8FD63C 1456E7A5

ECD8889C 1495E894

Unlimited archive

1CAE0958 3873E7A5

Unlimited ammo

1CB672C0 1456E7A5

Never Reload

1CB3C754 3894E7A5

Max Points of Fame

1CC487F4 17E9C70C

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