Singles Flirt Up Your Life Cheats

Singles Flirt Up Your Life Cheats

Singles Flirt Up Your Life Cheats

Unlimited money

First of all, in the path where you installed the game (usually in C:Program FilesSinglesSavegame), find the file savegame(X).dat, X) is the number, the archive number in the game if it is 1 that file is savegame0.dat, and so on number 2 is savegame1. dat, then backup the file you want to modify savegame(X).dat. In the case of failure, you can also save back, so as not to waste the hard work of playing records.

Then use WINDOWS notepad to open the savegame(X).dat file you want to modify, then press Ctrl+F in notepad to open the file search, look for the single word “money”, then change the number next to “money” to the amount you want (generally speaking will be changed to 999999, not recommended to change too much), and then use notepad to save the file . Finally open the game, load the just modified archive, confirm whether to change the successful, if successful, then you are a “big money”, quickly buy new furniture ~ ~ (basically the game does not have a car, house also do not need you to pay to buy ~~~~~ fast escape).

Unlimited money 2

Notepad open game.cfg find money, the number to 99999999

Modification method 2

Notepad open game.cfg to find

# level of nudity

lon = 2

change to

# level of nudity

lon = 10


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