SimFarm game cheats

SimFarm game cheats

SimFarm game cheats

Enter the following cheats in the game:

FUND⇒Donated 10000
v⇒Display version number
poultry⇒Three cows are perfectly healthy
t⇒Test mode
Natural fence

Separating livestock with irrigation canals saves money-consuming fences.

Fill the sink

Use the hand icon to place the empty sink under a pack of hay. Then set the Speed option to Ultra, and the tank will be filled with water after about 15 seconds.

10,000 Yuan

Plant five seasons of citrus near New York, regardless of the grain harvest.

Bulk money law

Pause the game first, enter the purchase and sale of land in the map options, just buy a piece of land, check the land price, it will be 100 yuan higher than the previous land price, and sell the land. At this time, the funds have not changed. Just let the time continue or the option Close, there will be changes in funding. You can get a lot of money if you buy and sell one block a hundred times or even a thousand times, and then turn off the option.


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