SimCity 4 game cheats

SimCity 4 game cheats

SimCity 4 game cheats

Press [Ctrl] + X in the game to enter the following cheats:
you don’t deserve it ⇒ all the rewards
weaknesspays⇒Increase 1000 gold
whererufrom [name]⇒change city name
hellomynameis [name]⇒change mayor’s name
stopwatch⇒Pause/Resume the clock
whatimeizit [hh:mm]⇒Set time (24 hour format
sizeof [0-100]⇒Improve reputation (1-100)
fightthepower⇒All buildings cancel power supply requirements
Howdryiam ⇒ All buildings cancel water supply requirements
zoneria⇒Hidden the color of the clearing
recorder⇒Start recording
gol ⇒ green on the map
dollyllama⇒The translator turns into a camel
terrainquery ⇒ displays the value of terrain
Note: Some versions use [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + X to enter cheats.

After the cheats are entered correctly, the input window will be closed automatically. Press the [SHIFT] key while inputting the cheats and press the [SHIFT] key, the input window will not be closed, and you can continue to enter other cheats.

The city makes money normally

But this method is based on sacrificing the future of the city. First designate a low-density residential area, then an industrial area, and add a small amount of commercial area. Don’t provide water, only electricity, and don’t build any public facilities. Then increase the residential area, increase the industrial area and commercial area, pay attention to the proportions, and then turn all low-density to medium-density, and start water supply. You will find that the population will increase sharply, residential areas will rise violently, and medium-sized maps will generally increase. More than 10,000 people stopped. Look at your profit! At least five thousand. However, this kind of city cannot be transformed, and schools and hospitals cannot be added, otherwise low-income people will run out, and middle-to-high-income people will not come in. You can also consider using it to provide money to neighboring cities… if you are interested, try… Ha ha!

Reward building unlimited cover

When building a reward building, first press the right mouse button, and then click the left mouse button to cover it. Then you will find that you can continue to build the same building. As long as you don’t release the right mouse button, you can continue to cover it indefinitely. Pay attention! The mayor’s statue can only be covered with a maximum of 2

Primitive god model

In mayor mode or citizen mode, hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt and click the god mode button with the mouse (don’t let go of the keyboard) so you can re-enter god mode


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