SimAnt game cheats

SimAnt game cheats

SimAnt game cheats

Pause the game, and enter the following code to mention the corresponding secret:

jenn⇒The black ant colony does not die
susi⇒The yellow ant colony does not die
rand⇒The yellow ants are full of life
will⇒Win in the war with the red ants
jeff⇒Establish a new nest of black ants
erad⇒yellow ant sacrifice
HOLE⇒More ant nests
just⇒10 queens
mick⇒Forcing the black spider to retreat
Queen or Qeen⇒Red Ant Queen
queen or qeen⇒black queen
oops⇒ hiccups
fred⇒View the ending animation
EGGS⇒Red Ant Egg
eggs⇒black ant eggs
Copy items:

Select the item you want to copy, then press [Shift] + [Option] and double-click.

Play as the queen:

Click on your ant (yellow ant) ​​and convert, then click on the black queen.

Reminder: If your queen’s battle fails, it may cause some problems.

Playing as a spider:

Select: “Change Bodies” option, then click on the spider to control it. (You can also use this option to chase an ant and eat it).

Rejuvenate your ants:

After swapping the body with another ant, he was swapping back.

It’s easy to deal with the Red Ant Queen:

Find a hidden entrance at the bottom of the black ant nest, (this entrance can lead directly to the red ant nest) and then sneak in, you can easily kill the queen without being noticed.


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