Sim City 4 game cheats

In the game, press Ctrl+X and a dialog box will appear (if not, please press ESC first) enter the following English to use the secret technique

stopwatch = pause/continue the 24-hour clock
whatimeizit date = adjust to the date you want
whererufrom name=change city name
hellomynameis name=change mayor’s name
you don’t deserve it = you can use all the rewards
sizeof = increase magnification (1-100)
weaknesspays = 1,000 yuan increase
fightthepower=Remove power equipment from all buildings
zoneria = hide the color of uninhabited areas
howdryiam = remove all hydraulic equipment from the building
tastyzots = unknown (toggles zots)

Reward Building Unlimited Covering Reward Buildings, first press the right mouse button, and then click the left mouse button to cover the reward building. Then you will find that you can continue to build the same building, as long as you don’t release the right mouse button, you can continue to cover it indefinitely. Pay attention! Only 2 mayor statues can be built

The original God mode In the mayor mode or citizen mode, hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt and click the God mode button with the mouse (don’t let go of the keyboard) so you can re-enter the God mode

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