Silent Hunter 4 Wolves Of The Pacific game cheats

Modifying skills can more easily achieve the functions of increasing torpedo/cannonball damage, torpedo speed, cannonball firing speed, ship speed, etc
Open with notepad
A total of 21 skills, taking shelling as an example
[SpecialAbility 16]
ID=Ability-Active-Bombarde skill name
AbilityType=GunDamage, GunReloadTime, GunAccuracy Skill effects: gun damage, gun reload time, gun hit
AbilityValue=100, -75, 75 percentage increase
AbylityActsIn = ArtilleryRoom, FlakRoom, ObservationRoom skills valid positions
SkillRequiredLeadership = 0
SkillRequiredMechanical = 0
SkillRequiredElectrics = 0
SkillRequiredGuns = 0.7
SkillRequiredWatchman = 0 The requirement of each attribute, it is possible to learn when it reaches 70
Duration=300 Skill duration is 300 seconds
Cooldown=3600 Skill cooldown for 3600 seconds

Similarly, you can put all the effects of other skills in one skill, for example:
AbilityType=RadarRange, LookoutRange, DarknessPenalty, CanRepairDestroyedItems, RepairSpeed, PumpSpeed, GunAccuracy, GunReloadTime, GunDamage, TorpedoDamage, TorpedoSpeed, DiveSpeed, SurfaceSpeed, SubmergedSpeed
AbilityValue=50, 50, -50, 1, 75, 75, 50, -50, 250, 500, 250, 50, 3500, 35

Then someone on the boat will have this invincible skill and you will be invincible

Edit archive example
My Documents\SH4\data\cfg\SaveGames\00000002\ActiveUserPlayerUnits.upc
Search for the name of the crew member you want to modify
Just fill in the name of the skill in these two lines, the time below is arbitrary, I don’t know what effect it will have, it’s usually the cooling time

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