Silent Hunter 3 game cheats

Silent Hunter 3 game cheats

Silent Hunter 3 game cheats

Prestige modification method:
The archive of “Silent Hunter III” is in the “SH3datacfgCareersXXXXXX” directory under the “My Documents” directory. Open Careers.cfg, Careers_0.cfg, and Patrols_0.cfg, look for Renown from the end of the file and change the first result obtained to The numbers you need, because the three files are related to each other, they must all be modified, and they must also be unified.

Ship resurrection method:

Just go to My Documents SH3datacfgcareers directory to find the archive folder (use the name you gave in the game as the directory name)

There is a file crew_config_XXX.cfg below, XXX represents your archive name, open it with Notepad, among which Healthstatus is the health status of the crew.

This item = 2 died; = 1 injured; = 0 is intact, so just change the corresponding 2 to 0 and the dead will be resurrected


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