Silent Hill 3 get super weapon cheats

In “Silent Hill 3”, you can get different special weapons according to different evaluations of the clearance, but you need to find them in the next week’s game.
Weapon name: UNLIMITED SUBMACHINE GUN (machine gun, unlimited bullets)
Location: At the beginning of the game, HEATHER leaves the toilet and walks to the left to the end to obtain it.

Weapon Name: BEAM SABER (Laser Sword)
Obtained location: The game started. There was an unopenable door at the end of the corridor near the storage on the second floor of the shopping center.

Weapon name: FLAMETHROWER (fire gun)
Location: At the front desk of the bakery.

Weapon name: HEATHER BEAM (When not equipped with any weapons, press and hold the R2 circle to launch a laser from HEATHER’s eyes to track and attack the enemy.)
Obtained location: Obtaining conditions are unknown. It is suspected that at least NORMAL or above is required to pass the level and is related to the final evaluation. After success, it will be explained in the clearance screen, and then the game can be used in the next week.

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