Silent Hill 3 Boss Killing Strategy

Boss quick kill:

The best weapon in the final boss battle is the pistol, because it has the longest range. Machine guns are okay, but the bullet count is too small (unless there is an unlimited machine gun). Never use a shotgun, because its range is too close and the boss’s close-range attack is too strong, don’t take risks.

Okay, let’s talk about the pistol quick-kill boss method. The boss’ abdomen is God, which is also her weakness. Within 3 to 5 seconds after she set off the fire, shoot two shots at the boss’ abdomen with a pistol, and the boss will lower his head because God is beaten (you don’t have to wait for a long time for her to set the fire twice before lowering his head).

With this method, only 80 bullets and 3 minutes and 40 seconds are required to complete the final boss. At the end of the star rating, the final boss battle is 2 stars (2 stars is full).

spoof method:

1, stop at the extra new game, enter “up, down, down, left and right circle cross”, enter the game, pay attention to the uncle’s underwear

2, the room where the dryer is placed in the sewer, close to the water survey ……

1. Difficulty puzzle answers


Shakespeare: 8352

the second floor of the hospital: 4896


Morgue: 9271




High Priestess Eye Of Night


Fool Moon


Hanged Man

2. Weapon Cheats

In “Silent Hill 3”, you can get different special weapons according to different evaluations of the clearance, but you need to find them in the next week’s game.


Weapon name: UNLIMITED SUBMACHINE GUN (machine gun, unlimited bullets)

Location: At the beginning of the game, HEATHER left the toilet and walked left to the end to obtain it.


Weapon name: BEAM SABER (laser sword)

Location: The game begins. There is an unopenable door at the end of the corridor near the storage on the 2nd floor of the shopping center. Investigation and acquisition.


Weapon name: FLAMETHROWER (fire gun)

Location: At the front desk of the bakery.


Weapon name: HEATHER BEAM (When not equipped with any weapons, press and hold the R2+ circle to launch a laser from HEATHER’s eyes to track and attack the enemy.)

Location: Obtaining conditions are unknown. It is suspected that at least NORMAL or above is required to pass the level and is related to the final evaluation. After success, it will be explained in the clearance screen, and then the game will be available for use in the next week.


Silent Hill 3 get super weapon cheats

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