Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams game cheats

Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams game cheats

Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams game cheats

Ammunition 999

Find the options.ini file in the game directory (for example: /Program Files/KONAMI/Silent Hill 2) and edit:



Change to


save. Re-enter the game and start a new game and you will find that the ammunition changes to 999.


PS cheats:

Extra options appear method

In the options screen, press L1 or R1 and extra options will appear, where you can set the blood color, weather, etc.

Get chain saw

After completing a game in Normal mode, you can find the chain saw when you play the next game.

Open Bullet Adjust Option

Complete a game in Normal mode.

Open Noise Effect Option

Complete a game in Normal mode.

How to make the picture “clear”

Like the first generation, after breaking the level once, press L1+R1 in OPTION to enter the hidden adjustment mode, and adjust the “noise level” on the screen, which can make the screen clearer. (This is like PS2’s water: p), as well as the amount of bullets acquired, use this setting to make the play in accordance with the player’s wishes

Know now, those “particles” in Silent Hill are the atmosphere deliberately created by Konami!

Difficulty tips

In the early stage of the game, you will encounter the iron-headed old monster. Don’t be afraid, as long as it swings the knife (because of its slow movement), walk around behind it and hit its head with an iron rod 4-5 times, and it will leave !

There are 3 difficulties in Silent Hill 2:

(1) Place 3 gold coins, the second hole is the “old man” gold coin, the third hole is the “woman” gold coin, and the fifth hole is the “snake” gold coin.

(2) In the middle and late stages of the game, everyone will come to a room with a key. After the key is removed, the door of the room will be locked and many bugs will appear. Please pay attention to the 9-key electronic lock beside the door. There are traces of being pressed on the 1 3 7 above, which is the key to opening the door!

(3) In the later stage of the game, there will be a room with 6 people, and another room with 6 ropes. The requirement is to put down one of the ropes, you can get the key, and put down the rope of the person who set the fire ( Middle of bottom row)

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